Saturday, September 29, 2007

i'm so......*grins*

its been a week...since tht very special nite=)
oh well..dont feel like blogging..coz i'm not really tht kind of person who brags=p
but since thrs sum requests from my evil pals...i've decided 2 keep u guys satisfied xD
*take note ya..i wont write tht much*..hehe=)
so yea..basically,tis week's been d best week of my life..i was all cheerful n happy..
u're 1 of d best thing in my life..i felt completely secured whenever u're around..
i've come 2 realise tht i love u more n all of d waiting was worth while..
okok..i'm goin lil too far get back 2 some happenings=D
study!!!!!!!!!!! TT
we're supposed 2 study 2day..but..haha..ended up talking over hours..still..i enjoyed most of it..=)

i miss u.......

Friday, September 21, 2007


days had been really gud..i've been thru some ups n downs..thr r times when i really felt like punching sum1 in d face..but thr r times when i so wana hug sum1 real tight screaming ~yay~~whee~!!!!! nvm..i'm weird i noe..LOL

so yea,basically thrs sum1 who did something which's really touching..on d 19th of Sept 2007,i received d most precious drink ever(so far)..n it's brighten up my day! i'm probably 1 of d craziest,living green tea u cud've imagined how i truly felt when i got tht ^greenish^ bottle from tht sum1 =p thank u so so much! if i cud,i'd do anything for u=)

n funny how my secret's not tht "secret" another 2 of my silly besties knew bout it..its good 2 share anyways..but only if u 2 promise 2 keep it carefully=)n i cant believe i juz told my mum bout we were having lunch 2gether 2day n all of a sudden,i had d urge 2 tel her bout my secret..

me:"mee,wana know a secret?"
mum: *suprised* "wat secret?"
me:"aiyo,u wana noe or not?"
mum:"juz tel larrr"
me:*staring at Starbucks which's juz opposite* "treat me starbucks 1st=p"
mum:"haha! no way,juz tel larrr"
me:"oklar,guess wat............'
mum:"u're in love???"
me:*LOL* "eh,how u noe?"
mum:"duh~u've been staying up late everyday chatting on9..rmb i'm ur mum,i noe wats goin on on ur mind"
me:"aihz..then i guess u noe who's tht person lor"
mum:*grins* "of coz..."

so thts basically part of my conversation wif my u c,we're both really close..n i mean REALLY..coz i dont think most of u would've shared tht kind of secret wif ur mum! haha! she's more like a sis to me=) well yea,i juz did it n it felt gud..she actually got so high tht we were laughing like mad ppl in d restaurant ><"

oh no..thrs sch tmrw=( omg,i'm kinda lost in physics..*help help*!!! TT
exam exam! n oh yea..dear Li Fang left=( gona miss her very much...

i hv 2 pen-off now,time 2 study study study!! ~Boring~

till then,
green tea addict

Friday, September 14, 2007

of pissed-offS & gayish

..obviously my title of tis entry tells tht i was really in a bad mood..
so recently thrs tis person..of great egotistic n rudeness got the hell on my nerves..he was
a)literally being unpleasant
b)being so kind 2 pass around d dismissal letter..its like he was asking 4 every1's sympathy ><"
c)continuously using 'my goodness' which really freaked me out
d)show no patience at all
etc..etc(no intention of writing any further)

these may all seem like small tiny matters but i'm telling u..if u were me,u'd be feeling the same..he was acting real childish..n crap,juz bcuz of his "not able 2 afford some sch uni" reason,we hv 2 sponsor rm120 for him! wth..its not like he couldnt afford on his own..cmon la,every1 noes tht!
juz got real pissed by his insolence n churlishness! grr~grow up la weih
n great,seems like d teachers r buying his stories..he's probably adding salts n spices on it..extra details which is so wrong..making us d bad ppl with nth else 2 do except dismissing ppl..zzzzz
screw u~!!!!

phewww..enuff wif tht,gotta chill now~
oh well,2day's fri..last schday of d week..weekend's hr! lol
was all gayish coz i can go home straight n thrs no need 2 go all d way 2 kasturi 4 tuition! =D went KFC 4 lunch n guess wat,i had Baskin Robbins green tea ice cream!!wheee~tht muz b my best dessert of d week! been wanting 2 eat it 4 quite sometime..haha!

oh eyebags r getting worst..lack of sleep.zzzz
bcuz of wat? its my fault..been staying up late lately..juz 2 study n *ahem* sumthin which i enjoyed ALOT..i mean alot..its like i'm addicted 2 it..cant hv a single day not chating wif him late at nite xP 4gv me,i'll cut tht down..exam's juz around d corner anyway T.T
~tis feeling's taking control of me n i cant help it~

oh well,hopefully i'll get 2 go out 2nite..juz 2 hv a drink wif mua darlingss=) i need a break(again)..hehe

signing out,
d Green Tea addict

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

what major is right 4 me?

You scored as Biology/Chemistry/Geology, You should strongly consider majoring (or minoring) in Biology, Chemistry, Geology, or related majors (e.g., Biochemistry, Environmental Science, Forestry, Fisheries and Wildlife, Genetics, Marine Biology, Zoology).

It is possible that the best major for you is your 2nd, 3rd, or even 5th listed category, so be sure to consider ALL majors in your OTHER high scoring categories (below). You may score high in a category you didnt think you would--it is possible that a great major for you is something you once dismissed as not for you. The right major for you will be something 1) you love and enjoy and 2) are really great at it.

Consider adding a minor or double majoring to make yourself standout and to combine your interests. Please post your results in your myspace/blog/journal.





























created with

well..looks like i'm really meant for bio....

Friday, September 7, 2007

late posts...

sory..been real bz lately..lots of stuffs 2 deal with..
exam's starting on 8th of Oct! which means its bout a month from now >>><<<<" tis marks the operation of 'burning midnite oil' aka the last min revision..sigh~'s some updates on merdeka usual..i wasnt really excited bout it..was only excited bout the holiday xp however,tis yr's something special..i actually went all the way 2 putrajaya 4 the merdeka juz bcuz of the fireworks=) nevermind bout the stupid traffic conjuction..i was glad tht i went..when the clock strikes 12,i could c beautiful fireworks lighting up the dark,dull sky..was amazed..nice^^ the ordinary one

the meteor-lookalike

the triplets

the flowerish

Song of the day: "Wont go home without u" by Maroon 5

Sunday, September 2, 2007

dance,love,sing n live

as though no one's watching u

LOVE as though u've never been hurt before

SING as though no one can hear u

LIVE as though heaven's on earth

Saturday, September 1, 2007

its been a while..

hmm..been lazy lately..dont hv the intention 2 blog..but like wat YP said,wats thr 2 blog bout everyday? i mean..its true actually..its juz crap..unless thrs sumthing really interesting,sumthing extraordinary..well hr i am now..guess its really time 2 say somethin=)
i'm really frustrated..hv no idea which 2 choose? physics or bio?? most of u who knew me since form4 would probably say:'of coz Bio lar!' ..its true,i've not been doin well in physics since form4..i even failed twice when i was in form4..i cant really get the formulaes..most of my frens thought physics's easy..but 4 me,i suffered alot..not only bcoz of my 'not so gud in teaching' teacher,Mr L...i dont find any interest in learning the kinetics..the vector..momentum..etc etc..lucky me,i scored well in SPM for for Bio,i really love it..i actually intend 2 study anthropology n even forensic science(minus the fact tht i watched 2 much of CSI) LOL~i love the body the reproductive part xP but too bad,i screwed my SPM a B4! *sigh* i did study..but luck wasnt wif me on the last day of SPM..i wasnt feeling well..i even fainted halfway thru the last paper..i thought of giving up on mind was blank..couldnt think of anything..oh well,tht was way bout NOW,i shud make up my mind..i hv 2 admit tht Bio's killing me softly..the Bio facts..zzzz..i actually fell asleep revising Bio..but things r different wif physics..somehow i found tht physics's interesting..mostly its bcoz of my tuition teacher,mR M..he';s damn funny weih..gosh,the way he teaches keeps me on..i can actually understand wats physics..hehe=) but again,if i gv up on Bio n choose physics instead..i dont think thts a very good choice since i love Bio..ish..hard decision 2make..
met up wif Aren yday..he juz came back from Russia 4 holiday..he's still the same..oh welll,i asked 4some advice..n he actually encouraged me 2 take Bio..its easier 4 gals..oh hr comes the boy n gal yet mom kept encouraging me 2 go 4 medical..arghhhh..i really need time 2 figure out.. its gona take some lets juz decide after the 1st exam=)
oh ya,watched lots of movies in the last hol..*i did study also lar* =p The Simpsons,Rush Hour3,Disturbia,Evan Almighty,200pounds beauty n secret..gotta intro secret..well actually its not really a CHUN-Ted movie lar...jay's not really a fabulous actor..his acting was juz so-so..HOWEVER,the songs! wow..bought the pirated OST..gotta tel ya,the songs r AWESOME! all of the tracks r damn cool..the piano..violin..i was touched..the rhymes the melody..! highly recommended=) check out this video


wif Aren=)
yung,me n finally SY! =)