Tuesday, December 30, 2008

i need a job!!!

omg omg
almost everyone is employed except me!
i didn't even realized that it's already the second last day of 2008 and i'm still jobless!
my oh my.
xin asked me to try google on JobStreet. but the thing is i dont even know wat kind of job i'm looking for.plus,i will be away in Sabah for 10days during CNY. which company is willing to hire me when i tell them that i can just start right away but i have to apply for a 10days leave?

celebrated bee's bday yday in Italianies in The Gardens.thanks to bryan,we got rm50 off for our meal! =) the food was ok.no pictures with me now though.they're with bryan. after dinner we went Island Cafe in Kuchai for yumcha session. oh ya,i did met up with mua gals on sunday night. HaoYang joined us. Winnie was thr too! i was happy to see both eileen and her bf together.they look happy. winnie called me later that night and we chat for like 1 hour plus on the phone.it was so fun and enjoyable.so much to talk about with her.i'm gona miss her much =(

oh and i got Eclipse and Breaking Dawn! thanks to eileen, xin and yung! haha.they really do know me well.i've been wanting to get those 2 books and here they are in my hands.i'm more than grateful to my besties =D

btw,its a day away from 2009. so much to blog about this year.will sum up my 2008 tomorrow.
till then,its job hunting time. =(


Saturday, December 27, 2008

trip to Highlands

genting cable car

to start off with the trip tht was held on xmas eve, i muz say tht it was both tiring and fun
on 24th Dec 2008, me with my cousins woke up as early as 5 in the morning hoping to catch the 8am express bus to genting at KL Sentral. HOWEVER,when we arrived at the counter which was situated at 2nd floor at prolly 7am,it was still closed. but then,i saw a paper thr written:'Kaunter tutup,sila beli tiket anda di Kaunter tingkat G(ground flooor) sebelah Skyway bus.'

so then all 6 of us walked all the way to Ground floor and got nothing but a closed counter and a taxi driver trying to persuade us to take taxi instead of bus. i was damn frustrated. why would i spend 20 bux when i can save up 17bux by taking the bus. well then, something in my mind tells me to go right back up to 2nd floor again to check at the 1st counter that we've been to earlier.
so all 6 of us walked all the way up again and suprisingly,the counter was opened! BUT,we got nothing but tons of bad news. 1st,the counter lady told us that all morning trips to Genting by bus are cancelled and the earliest that we can get is 1pm! wth,1 in the afternoon? by the time we get there,the outdoor theme park will be closing soon! and so i asked if there's somewhr else that we can go for earlier buses.she told us to try Puduraya as they still hv the 10.30am tickets.so then we got into a discussion,and we decided to go Puduraya.

we took rapidKL and reached Pasar Seni.then we walked all the way to Puduraya station.and thank god when we got thr,thr were still tickets.it was 8am already.we had 2.5hours before we get to leave to Genting.so we took breakfast in the foodcourt there,lepaked and i was happy to wait for the bus as i get the time to read on my Twilight book. =)

after a 1 hour ride,we got on the cable car smoothly and finally we reached the peak at prolly 12.30pm. well,it was slightly later than planned but it was ok bcoz suprisingly the outdoor theme park was so EMPTY! can u blif it? it was xmas eve n i thought thr wud be full of ppl..It was our lucky day =D we got on rides without long queues and the best part was the weather was cooling.
we were in the theme park till 10pm! i went on lotsa rides.and what more? i get to play for more than 3times for almost every rides! i was thrilled and seriously i enjoyed so much!

so thts basically most of my story in genting.we met up wif mum&dad and the rest of the family and left genting for Cameron at 12midnight! it took us 5 hours plus til we reached Cameron at 5ish in the morning.we were all exhausted! imagine staying awake for 24hours! we bathed and slept till noon.and that was then we went for lunch and travelled around Cameron.

so much fun and laughter these few days.my cousins went back to sabah this morning.the house was quiet.so unusual.LOL. well,i do miss having them around.they bring so much fun!
but its ok,i'll be meeting them next month anyway as i'm going back to sabah during CNY=)

okie,thts about all.now's pictures time!


they said we look like a couple.do we? LOL

group pic 1

group pic 2

i love this pic=)

at the Spinner

at the Bumper Boat

maniacs in genting


teenagers at the smoke house

at tea farm with orang giler

my cute cousin

group pic (dad was holding the camera)

camwhore partner

candid shot.i was bookworming

org giler(shot 2)

p.s: i'm sory for being selfish.i noe its ur bday and u hv all the rights to decide how it's gona be celebrated. i noe i dun hv the rights to plan every single thing for you.
i'm sory.

Friday, December 26, 2008


juz got back from Genting/Cameron trip
wil blog soon.pictures wil b up too

Sunday, December 14, 2008


i'm not really looking forward to this year's birthday
i dont know why..
maybe its bcoz bee's starting to work tmr so he cant spend the big day with me
and one of my best fren wil be having her final paper tmr so we have to delay our plan to Jogoya.
btw,the 50% promotion ends this fri!
so i guess i'll be at home or out shopping with mum.
so sad =(

anyways,i've been so hooked on the Gossip Girls book lately.
i haven't watch the series yet but the book is juz so juicy already.
oh ya! this thurs i'll be getting my Twilight books!! -D
not much to update bout,
will be back soon.

Friday, December 5, 2008

i hate this part

i just dont know what to say to you
i cant tell wat i want
i dont know how to express myself when everytime i do so,it juz brings ur anger
tell me wats wrong. i needa know

i guess there's nothing much left to say.


Thursday, December 4, 2008


*long post ahead*

its dear Robert Pattison.
right,so the other day which is wednesday.
me and my cousins planned to go watch Twilight the next day which is thursday
since i dont hv to wait for bee which is something unusual coz we made a promise to watch every movie together.but he doenst even seem interested in this movie and he keeps complaining how bad the movie will turn out to be.I'd decided to just go ahead without him coz i really really wanted to watch it.

so i told yih yung bout it.she was like so damn excited weih (she watched it already)
she asked if she could tag along.i was like =.=
helo? u serious? u wana watch again?
she was like yea yea,u wouldnt noe how nice the movie is.
and she was constantly saying how hot Edward aka Mr Vampire is.
i didnt really noe wat the hell was she talking about.
not till i watched it.OMG.i tell you.
i was seriously,passionately,deadly in love with the main cast,Robert and also all of the vampires in the movie.and of coz the movie too! wow,it's so much different from The Covenent (with lotsa hotties too) the plot,the storyline and all.

not to mention,my cousins which are younger than me by 2 or 3 yrs were acting real crazy in the cinema.imagine one of them keeps on telling me how she wana marry vampires in the theathre..helo,i was at 4 seats away from her.LOL. damn funny weih,i guess the ppl infront of us must've overheard us.and they must've been secretly laughing at us or they'd be damn pissed coz we kept annoying them with our sounds.

so after the show,we lepaked around Mv and the Gardens.
we decided to go check out on the Twilight books.we went MPH but to no avail,the books are all out of stock! see,how big the movie is.
if i'm not mistaken,the books were out since 2004? n now juz bcoz of the movie the books are all sold out! nvm,we headed over to Borders in Gardens. same,sold out =(
but,luckily the gal at the info counter told us about a promotion where u can pre-order the 1st 2 books out of the 4 books for just rm50! wow..its even cheaper than the original one. heh heh,see we shall never give up,always =) but the bad news is,we hv to wait for 2 weeks for the books.awwww,thts kinda long.but we'd still pre-ordered it anyway.so yeah! i had officially pre-owned 2 Twilight books! the reason why i'm still buying the books after watching the show is coz most of them says the book are nicer than the movie. wheewhoo!

oh btw, the Port Dickson trip was canceled T.T
i was really dissapointed weih.i wanted to go sooooo much.
since it's canceled,i can delay my hair-do. hehe
oh well..envy Tsing la.she gets to travel so much with her newly piano teacher look.HAHA!
anyway,Xmas is coming real soon and the decos are up in MV.but i prefer last yr's White Xmas.
i cant really tell wat is the theme for this year.there's animals..and the decos are kinda weird =.=
so here are some of the pics from yesterday (pardon me for my sucky pics)

okay,tht's all about it.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

so done and over with!

today marks the end of stpm
well,i'm drop-dead thrilled now.
can u believe it?
its OVER!
i can say byebye to my orange PA text.haha
i'm dead tired now.needa sleep.
and i hv a list of things to do! woohoo
but im telling u,the 1st thing on the list is to clean my toilet=.=
ask my bro la.keep urging me to clean
aihz..i've been delaying it for few days. having exam ma.
whr got mood clean toilet bowl oh i ask u
so i guess every1's probably gone celebrating this joyful moment.
and i'll be staying in,cleaning my toilet bowl =(
plus i hv to wait for bee..he stil hv one paper left tmr.
so i'd better be cleaning lady now

whoa.i hv soooo much to do now tht i'm free
1st thing 1st,i wana sing K!
hell yea~
and i wana shop till i drop!!
and i wana go watch twilight
read up Gossip gals
go for hair-do
and i wana watch those korean and taiwanese drama
tht i've missed for the past few months.

and the list goes on

alright,gotta go clean toilet now =/

till then,stay tuned
and also,good luck to all Physics students! -o


Tuesday, December 2, 2008


final paper's on tmr!
after 3.45pm,i'll be freeeeee
call me anytime u want..
ask me out anytime u want
n see me online anytime u want =)
right,i'm heading to the saloon this friday.
i hv to go latest by friday coz i'm going Port Dickson next fri! =D
so i hv to get my hair done asap as i'm not allowed 2 wash my hair after re-bonding for like a week?
as smelly as it seems,im stil gona do it.

okay..i hv a few styles in mind.
one of them is this.but i dont hv sharp face like Paris. =/

or Rihanna's

or Miss Victoria Beckham's?

ppl,plz..i need motivation.its the final paper and im taking it as if i've finished STPM

btw, the new morning crew JJ and Ean.
Ean's good.but i miss Rudy.whr's he gone to?

okok..thts all.
wait for meee.i'll be back tmr okay *winks*

damn retard.=.=