Tuesday, June 17, 2008

im not dead

so so sory for the lack of posts last 14days
i was partly emo-ing over my sucky exam results
dont ask,i failed 2 do as planned T.T
seriously,i need the drive.plz..juz any1 help me with that
i cant seem 2 convince myself 2 sit down 24/7 and study
anyhoo,i aint gona stop working hard

nth much over the past 2 weeks
oh yea, i've got few new songs which are now currently my favs

1. Say ( All i Need) -One Republic
2. The Call- Regina Spektor
3. Viva La Vida-Coldplay
4. Better in time - Leona Lewis
5. 7 things- Miley Cyrus

AND.....not forgetting Made of Honor and KungFu Panda!
gosh..i so wana watch both!!

sum random pics:

with pretty jia yu^^

fyi,i've got a brand new super short hair now

midnight at tiny's

cendol from 'PappaKopitiam' at puteri

brand new canteen

thats all folks,
gotta run peeps

p.s:li fang's bac from UK.i wana meet her! ><