Monday, March 29, 2010

i wish i could be braver

sometimes, i really wish i'd be less shy
some of you might not know me well,but deep down..i am a very shy person
i don't easily open up myself to people
hence sometimes, some people might think that i'm a quiet and inactive person
i don't quite talk to strangers.infact, i almost ran out of topics to say to someone i first knew every time i meet someone new.
why is it so hard? coming to university itself,i've learnt that i'm becoming a total different person
i'm changing into someone who doesn't like socializing.
i want to meet new friends so much but i just don't know the correct way to approach them
the other day when one of my lecturer whom i quite admire for his intellectual and interesting way of lecture, decided to hold up a opinion session.
we were given two sets of articles and we can raise our hands up to speak up,to tell the class what we think about the articles. and of course, bonus marks are given to students who volunteerily give out their opinions.
at that moment, i just had this sudden urge of voicing out. not for the sake of the bonus marks but i just wana share my ideas. i want to convince my lecturer that i do have my own judgement to issues. there weren't many people who volunteered, and i wanted to join the few that were brave enough to voice out.
i was so confident of the ideas generated but then i was stopped by my own shyness.
i was so afraid that people might not agree to what i was about to say.
i was so afraid that people might judge me based on the opinion i gave.
in the end, i decided not to raise up my hand. and let the golden opportunity slip away.
my mood was totally ruined. what a fool i am?!
common,i am someone from KL, not some small town girl who are afraid of voicing out.
i was so ashamed of myself. =(

Sunday, March 14, 2010

we'll cry but we're never gona give up this fight

yours truly is currently back from KL.
yes,i went back on Thursday night out of a last minute plan.
i just had the sudden urge to travel back home.Home sick has taken its toll on me
i had so much fun back home with the smooth Wi-fi where i can actually download loads of movies,songs n videos.
not to mention,i finally got to catch up on American Idol season 9!!
gosh,the auditions are just hilarious. i spotted few talented ones too.
i miss watching this show.i actually cried during one of the episodes.
i was just touched seeing people striving so hard juz to pursue their dreams.
i wish i am as determined as they are.seriously.
anyway,i am dying here for your info.
i have tons of assignments due like real soon.
2 next week and so many other coming up real soon.
not forgetting final's just about a month away! how crazy is that?
oh oh and i am sooo damn addicted to How I met your mother.

SK introduced me and i was kinda doubtful at 1st.
i mean how i met your mother? the name's kinda lame for a show ya noe.
HOWEVER, i was so damn surprised ok.
seriously,its one of the best show's juz as funny as Big Bang theory.
love it! i've been visiting the library more often these days.thanks to the stupid line back in my hostel. it can just die off at the midst of people rushing pathetic is that?!however,i am starting to like being in the library. i just get the sudden feeling of relaxing my mind and indulge in the process of finishing off my assignment.haha!

signing off now.take care peeps!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

STRESSed to the max

Lately,i've been so busy with tests and assignments.
My time have been taken up with the workload and all
and by the end of the day,just when i remember bout blogging
i lost the urge and energy to do so cause i am just too tired.
so many things happened these few weeks while i was away from blogspot.
Chinese New Year was a blast as i got to celebrate in both Sabah and KL
though i must say my trip to Sabah was so short that when it was time for me to leave,
i felt so sad and i had the intention of delaying my flight to two days later. =(
cause i was having so much fun with my cousins and relatives there.
there were so many places i havent yet to visit during my 4days stay.
I have only get to go on a trip to Pulau Sapi. and yes,we had so much fun there.
it was so nice to hit the beach where u can sunbathe and swim in the sea.
i snorkelled a while but there wasnt much to see in the sea.lolz
but at the moment,i felt so relaxed and my exam and assignment stress seem to fade away.
le sigh~ i am planning of going there again sometime this year.
hopefully i can get cheap flight tickets =)

oh ya,i have a current addiction too!
i noe i noe,some of u might hate Justin Bieber cuz he's afterall juz an immatured 15year old kid

who makes a 3yr old cry over him.haha!
ironically,i like him! yes i do <3
he's just so cute! and i love his songs
"Baby" and "one less lonely girl" are my new favourites. YaY! xD
i fell in love with him the in 'Baby' video.he looks so cute with the hoodie and he was dancing.



i wish i have a brother who's as cute as him =p
oh well,back to business..
Economics test was okay.i knew most of the questions.
i am darn exhausted i tell you.
for 2days straight,i havent have enough sleep
staying up late till 2am and waking up at 6.30am the next morning is killing me!
what more,i couldnt have a short nap cause my classes are all jam-packed.

i think my health is seriously in danger right now..
excessive coffee intake and shortness of sleeping hours.
how can one not be unhealthy.
and my lecturer have to set the Japanese test this SATURDAY afternoon at 2.30pm
isnt that great? NOT! =(
i know,i have been complaining much but bear with me.
i need to voice it out here or i'll go insane.
infact, i have gone crazy already for crying in school on Tuesday.
so sorry but i cant share the story here cause it's humiliating enough that my hsemates are all
laughing over that incident still.

i miss home ='(

alright,thats bout it.
be blogging soon aight.