Thursday, May 28, 2009

i cant sleeep

exactly 24hours later i'd be on a bus probably sleeping or chatting or chilling with my mp3
i'll be on my way to Lang Tengah! awfuly excited
it's 1.08 now and i'm supposed 2 sleep as i hv to wake up at 5.45 tmr =.=
but i'm up arguing with Tsing again!
yes,it's bout adam n kris again! =.=
u see,i actually listened to Adam's version of No Boundaries and
i admit that at the beginning of the song,i actually thought that Adam sang better than Kris did
but seconds after the 1st verse when he was reaching the chorus was AHHH...AHHH..AHHH
screamings =.=
i tel u,why cant lah he juz stick to singing normal pitches
save the screamings la wth.
ok..according to Tsing it's FALSETTO. =.=
he's such a good singer but.too bad..screams too much =/

anyways,i'm still halfway packing my stuff
as u see,when it comes to going vacation,
i often try all of my outfit beforehand
as in which shirt with which pants and watsoever
so it takes alot of time =.=
dun think i can sleep tonight


Wednesday, May 27, 2009


quote of the day:
"Being alone is not the same as being lonely"

i'm soo in love with Kris now

such a wonderful song
i'm a kris allen maniac fan now
and wth! was arguing with Tsing.she actually said tht kris has 2 kids!
i was like wth.i dont rmb him having kids juz a wife =.=

anyways..2days more!! counting down the days =)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


i so cant wait for next friday
coz i'm going all the way to LANG TENGAH island!
yes yes,goin with the bunch.
it's kinda a farewell vacation since every1 will be separating soon.
most going for diff local U and some are going abroad to diff countries.
i'm sure to have lotsa fun and take lotsa crazy pics =D

on another note,i am so nervous now.
i have no idea who will win this American Idol!
KRIS or Adam? why is every1 voting on Adam when i have a strong feeling Kris,the underdog will win?
oh well,gotta find out this thursday nite.
but i cant watch it live coz i have to go for piano clas.

so relieved now that the sch exam's starting tmr.
to be honest,i'm getting bored with teaching only MORAL
i cant wait for every classes to end each n everytime i go into a class
teaching for me is like hell and i reli wonder why my ambition was used to be TEACHER when i was younger. now i realized how dreadful and painful teaching is. =/
since exam's on,we teachers juz needa go into class,start or end the paper and get outta the class
exam til next thurs and fri would be the oh-so-great Teacher's day!
we'll have jamuan and presents! (i hope) lolzz
and on fri nite,i'll be leaving to WONDERLAND! =D

anyways,will be back =)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

the final 2!

yes yes..after so many months.
it's only down to two people now.
the absolutely adorable Kris Allen

his performance yday was one of my fav!
they had to sing 2 is the judge's choice n the other is their own choice
and when Ryan announced tht he was gona sing Kanye West's heartless
i was like WTh? can he sing. the song has like a total diff style for him
no doubt,he rock the song! he changed the arrangement to acoustic n im so in love with him right now! lol

another guy who's in the final is none other than Adam Lambert.

he is no doubt one of the strongest vocals in this competition.
he really can hit those high notes man.
but sometimes i just think he's alwiz doing the same type of song.
he doesnt have variation when it comes 2 song choices.
and i heard he's GAY! lol. which i think is quite true coz i often find him sissy.
sory but i dun reli fancy him anymore.
so i'm all on for KRIS! <3

anyways, so sory for not blogging for the past few days
as u see,i was down with fever,flu and sore throat.
seriously ill.i had fever for like 3+ days and luckily dad brought me to a chinese clinic
n i got better. phew

till then,brb=)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


so if u're wondering how i look like now since i've mentioned bout getting a new hairstyle.
here u go,

frankly speaking.i dunno what was with me
but i was reli sad when i had my hair cut.
its a little too short and most of u know tht i sucked at speaking cantonese
so the story was when i 1st got to the saloon,
a lady who spoke to me in chinese asked bout the kind of hairstyle i want
so i told her n she understood. n so the cutting process was gona proceed
but then! another guy came to me n asked me bout my hair
n he wanted to cut for me =.=
n worst thing is he spoke cantonese =(
so i was having a hard time trying 2 let him noe how i want my hairstyle to look like
result: dissapointing.
i said i wanted a fringe but he gave me a freaking short fringe which only makes me look FUGLY
however,as days go starting to love my hair more!
unbelievable,i think this is so far the best haircut tht i've ever had =D

note to self: never trust ur instinct =)

Friday, May 1, 2009

restaurant city

oh i'm so addicted to this game on facebook now.
been playing n playing for like every single day.
it's a game where u own a restaurant and u have to run it by earning points and money
the graphic's so cute! i'm currently at level 9 now which pisses someone off.LOL!

anyways,i wana watch X-Men! T.T
oh n i went for the choir competition last wednesday.
our sch was so-so.but damn,the CBN were like damn chun lo.
they sang Tanah Pusaka and Man in the mirror.
i recorded part of their per4mance on my hp.but the quality's kinda sucky

gotta run,i have to feed my workers now=)