Friday, June 25, 2010

A'Famosa here I come

helo peeps!!
my blog title says it all
i'm heading to Malacca tomorrow with 20 other friends for a 2days1night stay at AFamosa
yeap,this must be the trip with the most number of people.haha
its gona be fun fun fun! =D
we got this stay for free actually as we won the Sunshine Boys and Girls contest
organized by AFamosa resort.
how cool is that? :P

anyways,i was out with mua babes today at Sunway Pyramid
it has been 1.5 years since i last saw Yung babe.
she juz came back from Aussie few days ago
she's still very much the same except that she's
gotten fairer and prettier :)
had some gossip session and then shopping therapy.
we had fun alright.
i'm sure gona miss my girls when i'm back in the shithole-Johore.

had lunch at Fullhouse.
once again i have to say,the food there is really good.
i do not know why i used to hear people say food there sucks.
but i've been there twice and both are good experiences.
nice food and lovely dining environment =)


eileen dear

yung babe trying on boots that she end up buying ;)

camwhore session in the middle with Xin darling

last but not least,big mirror shot =DD

thats bout it peeps
gotta run now.
be back with update on Malacca trip then.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

The place i never get bored of

i'm back from my 9days getaway
it was a joyful trip i must say
nothing can describe the fun i had except for the pics that i took.
so here's something to let you guys have an insight
of how Sabah is the place i will never get bored of =)

at KLIA before checking in

here's the pervert that's sitting beside me.
he's the reason why i did not enjoy my flight at all!!!

my cutey cousins and niece <3

awwww *melts* my youngest cousin

took this in Suria Sabah around midnight and got nagged by a security guard.

Kon Lo mee in Lintas

it's Island Day!

on the boat on the way to Manukan Island

camwhoring is a must ;)

here's a pic of me n my sis.
we seldom camwhore together cuz she's camera shy

beauties and the


It's a beautiful day!

dined at one of the restaurant there.freaking expensive weih
as u can see, Nasi Lemak for rm18!! wtf

my special Manukan fried rice for rm24! T.T

next stop, trip to Little Kundasang.

had fried mee in Tuaran market before this.

as far as i know,the resort's called Kasih Sayang.

i cant really rmb what's this place called.
my uncle brought us here after having lunch in Tuaran.

the surroundings were similar to Kundasang actually.
all i can tell is that it's situated near Menggatal and Inanam. ;)

it was freaking cold but both of us were on shorts and we have no sweaters!

the night before i left KK.
went out for Karate Kid with the cousies.

took this in Padini concept store,1Borneo.
we got nagged for taking pics in the store.

i miss them already T.T

here's a picture u'll never find anywhere else but here.

not forgetting, Left4Dead night ;)

byebye KK ;(

so yea,thats basically pics of my 9days stay there.
fun? no? well u can only experience the fun if u're there in person.

p.s -i'm going to A Famosa this weekend with the bunch!
- Yung yung babe is coming home tmr!! =DDDD
-Karate Kid was awesome! =))
-I wana watch Toy Story 3!
-I so wana get tickets to MTV World Stage 2010!!

till then,XOXO

Sunday, June 6, 2010

leaving on a jet plane

Yours truly is flying to Kota Kinabalu tmr morning!
so damn excited.
its gona be a 9days getaway.

anyway,here's an update on working at Mayday's concert
so it was our first time working as usherers for both me n Jiayu
so u can imagine how blur we were when we reached thr.
plus,our names weren't on the workers list.
we were like WTH?!
luckily i met a fren thr and they helped us settled.
we got our passes and Tshirt but the 2nd problem is,
we had no idea which group we belonged to.
so we juz stood thr for like 30mins or so waiting for people to fill us in.
cuz apparently the slots for usheres were full
and our name were added last minute.
however,some of the worker didnt showed up
so we filled up their slots.

i have to say the job was kinda easy.
we were supposed 2 guide people to their seats
then when the show starts we juz stand thr and do nothing.
of coz both of us watched and enjoy the show like hell.
but there were some parts when we wanted 2 get high with the crowds
sadly,we weren't allowed to do so.
so we just sang along to the songs and clapped.hahaha

Mayday's concert was AWESOMEE weih
i loved it to heart.
to be honest i wasnt quite a big fan of them before this
but after the concert, i changed my mind seriously.
they rocked!
i almost cried during some of the songs.
it was touching but i held on to my tears.

here's some pictures:

the stage was awesome.

sadly we werent allowed to take pictures during the show
cause there were some awesome moments that i wanted to capture with my camera so much
thats bout it,
will be blogging from Sabah soon.
signing out,XOXO