Sunday, February 20, 2011

u had me at HELO

helo helo :))
these has got to be my latest favourite camwhore pics

Thursday, February 17, 2011

IMY =(

<3>it's been almost a week now since one of my besties Eileen flew off to Aussie
I missed her so much =(
life's definitely gona be quiet and lonely without u in KL my dear
as she is always there whenever i need a friend to go shopping with
or any outing at all.
and most of all,she will always be there whenever i need someone to lean on to.
best of luck to u my dear and seriously,GET BACK TO MSIA NEXT YEAR!!
dont postpone your stay there T.T

so last Saturday was the annual celebration for CNY at my uni
borrowed the cheongsam from a friend.
i personally loved the design cause it's slightly different from the usual cheongsam
but some of my friend said i looked like i was going off for a wedding or something cause i looked like a

got my hair fixed at one of the saloons was sponsored.hehe
as u can see from the picture,i got my hair curled and tied up.
don't really fancy this type of hairstyle but anyhow its for the event's sake.
definitely not gona have this kind of hairstyle for real.

my darling bernice :)

today's the last day of CNY time flies :(
oh and the weather is insanely hot lately.

craving for this now! =p