Friday, October 30, 2009

i have a serious crush on Edward Cullen

like seriously
i came across this photo of them on the November Astro Magazine
they're so hot together


way sexyy

they can totally top the hottest couple chart
even hotter than Posh n Beckham

i've watched Twilight and become one of the biggest fans of the book series itself
not to mention i'm so in love with the movie
mainly bcuz Robert Pattinson's in it =p

but Edward Cullen's so much hotter than Robert seriously
offset,Robert's like a total maniac.his hair's all fuzzy and he looks pale.
i'd prefer him onset where he's the sexy vampire

*droolling hot!*

oh i can let him bite me anytime at all ;)

i so cant wait for the new movie:New Moon to be out this end of November!

not to mention,Jacob Black starred by Taylor Lautner is one hell of a hottie man
whoa,he's got like 8 packs if i'm not mistaken.
i didnt reli noticed him in Twilight coz he's got all long hair
and i actually hated him for trying to stop Bella from being together with Edward
however,he's really really hot.and he's got the main stories on him in New Moon
those who havent read the book,u'll be surprised ;)

"i'm strong,cant u seee"

whoa..white Tshirts with likey xD

i've collected all of the books in the Twilight series
and i think i needa collect one of these:

the Edward and Bella action figures!

LOL..i wonder how much it costs.
bet it cost a fortune since the movie was made famous now
counting down the days till the movie premiers =)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

i feel so useless

POM test 2 result was out today
and i checked on mine
i got only 70/100
i was kinda shocked seeing my score.
i thought i could've scored higher than that
it's not really a tough subject.
more to common sense than memorizing work.
but still,i got this shitty result
i'm so damn moody now and u cannot imagine how moody i am

oh ya,i'm back home again for the study week
final starts next thursday
and bad news, my last paper which is Account had been postponed to 4 days later
that means i can only end my semester and start my holiday 4 days later.
u noe why? it's all just because of 2 international students.
it appears that they both have another paper to sit for at the same time
and the school had to move us to a later date as our class has less students compared to the other. =/
majority wins huh. shit

okay,i shall start being a nerd starting tmr.
no procrastinating.TT
gona work my ass regrets

Friday, October 23, 2009


slept for only 2 hours last night
been rushing for the moral project assign like hell
we were supposed to finish everythin before the exhibition this sunday
u noe what, the BRILLIANT lecturer actually asked us to do thesis binding
damn leceh u noe
it's juz moral la come on

i needa sleep nw
going out for a short shopping trip with mua housemates tmr
atleast i'm excited for tht
but then again
can really die now
so goodnight everyone

Friday, October 16, 2009

Life's short,live well

I'm back home again
i decided to pay home a visit since friday and monday classes are cancelled.
oh btw,Happy Deepavali;)

i got kinda emo just a couple of hours ago..granny's back here
and she's unusually pale looking.
she look so weak that it hurts so much to look at her
i received a call from mom last week telling me that granny blacked out in the middle of the road
when she was on her way back to work
i was all teared up,trying hard 2 hold back my tears
i didnt want to draw attention from my housemates
i just needed to run away to some place where no one can find me
and weep like a baby

i dont want to be consoled by anyone nor be bombarded by a series of questions asking how am i
u wouldnt know how hard it is to hold on when u're million miles away from home
and there's someone u love so much is in serious deep shit kinda condition
u just want to head home that instant but u just cant
now that i'm back home,the feeling's just weird
it's like a mixture of happiness and sadness
i dont know,its hard to tell
life's never easy huh

on another note,i am REALLY ANGRY
u know why
guess wat,i havent get my salary yet!
it's been freaking 4 months
i've been calling school almost eveyday asking bout the salary
and all they do is give me stupid excuses
now i'm all fed up that i gave up calling them
i'm so broke okay..been spending much
i cant resist! why is there so many pretty clothes and bags in Batu Pahat
and they're like real cheap compared to KL
forgive me..=(
oh yea,i was busy the whole day yesterday
went for the 9am class but it was cancelled

so we decided to head to Zen Xin organic park for our morale community project
we were supposed to do a research on organic vege and fruits.

sory,i was kinda having the same pose for every pics taken.LOL

ber ber!

siew lee,my roomate!

yin qian,my second roomate!

i was HAPPYYY. with yvonne=)

su mei

me with the dragonfruit plant

dragonfruit's organic ;)

me holding the dragonfruit

after the visit,we actually drove up to Kluang-Siew Lee's hometown
and went for a Karaoke session
2hours for RM2 man
wth,damn cheap i can cry =p
and the facilities are not bad. so damn worthy
at night we were supposed to go for the Mid Autumn Festival organized by the Chinese Association
we were all dead tired by then and were reluctant to attend the event
but then we already bought the tickets.cost us rm4
in the end, we went and guess wat
we enjoyed so much!
the per4mances were really really interesting.*thumbs up*

us with the tanglung

i look surprisingly tall here.
was wearing my wedges and i was standing on the stairs

thts bout it..
will blog more tmr=)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

thursday morning

i'm unusually free today
MOT class was cancelled today
so i have nothing better to do than revise for Math
having Test 2 tmr nite..gulp

my housemate-Bernice's car kinda having major problem now
we were driving back from sch and when we arrived at the guard house
one of the guard stopped us and confront us bout the fine.
oh btw, we got fined.TT
well the other night,we reached hostel kinda late and so thr were not many parking spaces we decided to park at this so-called 'Do Not Park Here' space
so we got fined.RM50 darn it!
nvm,so the guard was asking bernice when to pay and all
but then he asked us to check our car coz it seemed that bernice's car leaking.
argh,im not good in explaining issues with car.
so anyway,the black oil or wat u normally call was leaking
like damn serious.u can see black oil on the road all the way.
we're really worried now.trying to find the best solution =/
so in the mean time,we are CARless.TT

Final's in a month time.Kill me plz
so much to do yet so little time.