Friday, November 21, 2008

i dont care!

i realized tht the song on my blog are really annoying sometimes
so i've decided not to put up any songs for the time being.
i'm here juz to intro some new songs.

my fav song for the moment has gotta be
Fall Out Boys- I dont care.
hv u seen their video? its a total kick-ass video.
love em(especially Pete Wentz) =)
next is gonna be Simple Plan-Save you.
i didnt noe it was them at 1st.coz the lead vocal was sounding kinda diff in this song at the beginning.the chorus part was reli nice.

not forgetting Demi Lovato.the girl from Camp Rock.
she's changed so much since tht movie!
she's a total rock chick.check out her 'Get Back' video.
her voice is amazing.(even better than Miley Cyrus's)
no offend,i'd still like Miley's 7 song btw

oh oh..and also.the band whose Miley's bro is the lead singer.
METRO STATION!! their new single-Seventeen Forever.
realy really cool.they sound kinda like All American Rejects.
but still,its a nice song.gosh,i miss AAR.whr hv they been? T.T
its been sooo long since i last heard from em. =(

last but not least,
i'm kinda into R&B music
i'm actually into all kinds of music. but more into rock though
so anyway,the last song of the day is Chris Brown feat Keri Hilson- Superhuman
its another kick ass duet song from him. it was as good as the one he sang with Rihanna.
this is a lil diff..more emotional and oh i dunno.
it got me when i 1st heard tht song.

thts bout it.go check out those songs yeah ^^

Thursday, November 20, 2008

amazing race 3

the malaysian team did not win
Ida & Tania
i thought they could win since they were at the 1st place at the beginning of this final episode T.T
well,stupid flight mistake n they came in 3rd at the end of the show
i cant believe tht sissy gayish Sam n his partner Vince won. they're the Hong Kong team btw
n Geoff and Tisha,the Philippines..they came in at 2nd
but it was a good race indeed..though we did not won

ok..i'm off now

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

its gona be alrite..

juz got back from saloon..
no,i did not cut my hair
juz went for a hair treatment..seriously,my hair needed some hydration
it's so dried and i hate my baby hairs ><
well,i've made a conclusion:
Expect the unexpected

from now on,i wont listen to anyone on wats coming out
coz seriously,no one knows.even God dont noe wat the hell's on the cming papers.
i hv one week break till my next paper(Math 2) on next thurs
so i hv enuff time to brush up my math 2.
n i really needa work on my paper 1 for PA,chem n BIO.
all of the paper 2 are all screwed up.
oh yea, for the record. i screwed up my PA graph.
why why why did i chose ques 8 instead of ques 7.
if only i'd understand ques7 well to hv bloody figure out tht its act PAI BERTINGKAT
and if only i'd chosen to draw a freaking PAI instead of a GRAF GABUNGAN.
if only...i'm hoping to score for my paper1 now.
so imma start studying the thick orange text.(damn boring ok)
wat to do? why was i so stupid?

btw,i'm heading for the saloon after stpm
need a brand new hair cut.
but i stil havent decide if i'm keeping it short or long
i'm gona straighten it again. =)

till then,
here's 2 pics taken just now
at the fav corner of my room (my door)

be back soon.

Monday, November 17, 2008

run baby run,dont ever look back

tomorrow is the day,
the start of STPM.
the day all of my hardwork comes in handy.(i hope)
special thanks to all of the wishes from u guys..
the SMSes, the MSGs on cbox and msn.
i too pray hard for myself.
"run baby run,dont ever look back"
its all bout going ahead and never looking back.
what's done's done.
i noe i'm not supposed to be here blogging.
i shud be either studying or sleeping nw.
well,since my dad's really chasing me off to my bed now
i think i hv no choice but to sleep.
yes,i'm gona close the book and rest well.

good luck too all,and
wish me luck =)

will be back soon!

note to self: dont pAnic!