Monday, August 25, 2008

high on caffeine

it's 12.35am now
BUT i'm fully awake
thx to my granny's KopiKao all the way from KK,Sabah
lol..damn kao till i'm able to sit still and study without falling asleep.
this is definitely a good news to me and TY (u noe u want the KOPI)
since i cant really stand staying awake after 12am.
which is why sometimes i hate myself so much coz
while most of my frens r staying up real late to study,
i'm in bed dreaming my night away. T.T
wheee,finally i've found the amazing Kopi Kau.its way more efficient
than the usual Nescafe since it keeps someone as panda-ish as me awake!

this is how i look after 12am

with the super Kopi Kau,

i can now dance and study at the same time! xD


better get back to study now

Saturday, August 23, 2008

we will never be 18 again

just yesterday when i was bz stalking ppl on frenster,
i came across one of my fren's display pic.
she was in those lovely bridal dresses.
i thought she was juz attending some wedding occasions
since i noe her well enuff..n she cant be getting married at this age.
however,as i was viewing her pics..
i found out tht
wth..u noe wat,SHE'S JUZ 19 YRS OLD.
i knew her since last year when i was working in Station One.
she's juz like me.ordinary gal.juz finished spm.
i did knew she had a bf who's 8yrs older than we are.
so when i actually found out that she is getting married,
i was stunned..real stunned
whoa..teenagers these days r really out of their mind huh?
well of coz these cases r not rare..n it does happen anywhere around the world.
but seeing one of my frens getting married at this age is so not OK.
hmm..u've guessed it actually..i do not know if its real
but most of her comments in Frenster actually stated that she got pregnant.
either she n her bf love each other so much tht they decided to hv sex without
precaution so that they can get married n hv babies at the same time..
or she was plain cheated by her bf,got pregnant n had no choice but 2 marry him.
gahhhhh..i do not want to know..
she juz doesnt seem that kind of person who gets married that early to me.
i was dissapointed actually,to be honest =(
oh well,since i'm not her. i wish her all the best n most of all,to be happy.
no matter wat decision's made,i hope for her to be happy always.
n to those out there who's already in a relationship,though we will never be 18 ever again
n sometimes curiosity may overshadow cautionary.
but do think twice before u do anything silly to yourself
simply because SEX and LOVE is a total different thingy

imma get back to study
be back soon =)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

nothing much.....


time to study! =(

sory 4 the lack of updates lately
been bz n out of blogging mood
i'll come bac soon aight? =D