Sunday, February 7, 2010

Close to joy

Yay wheeee
finally,holiday's coming real soon! =D
but but..before the holiday comes
i still have 2 quizzes and a test awaiting.=(
i am going back on thurs morning,cant wait to go shopping
and i have to pack for my sabah trip. EXCITED!
oh and before i leave for Sabah, i wana meet up with my babes and friendsss!
its the time of the year where everyone gather around and party ;)

well,so sory for being MIA lately.
truth is,i've been so busy with assignments,tests and some incidents.=/
as you all know,me and my housemates have been looking for houses since last year
and the search was to no avail.time and time,we failed to find a proper house to rent.
finally,few weeks back we found a house to rent along with 7 other girls.
the house is big enough so 12 person living in a house isnt a big problem.
problem is, just yesterday evening we received a terrible bad news.
the owner decided to sell the house instead of renting it to us
we were so damn dissapointed ok
well,u must've ask why not look for another house rite?
the thing is,im facing a major dilemma now.
we have a place offered to us actually,by another group of course mates
see,me and my 2 other housemates weren't really keen on accepting the offer
as we just dont really see us getting along with them so well.
imagine living under the same's not as easy as we think.
it might be easy to go to classes or have lunch together but staying together in the same enclosed area where u have to face each other everyday and eventually get used to each other's lifestyle.
it will be a big challenge for us.
but then again, the houses available now are so limited.
and we're afraid that we might not be able to search for a new house at this point.

dilemma: to accept the offer or to take the risk of not getting a place to rent. =(

oh well,we're gona try our best to search for new place within these 2 days.
and if thrs no result,we're gona accept the offer.
so till then,i'm gonna focus on my tests and quizzes.
and on thurs,i'm GOING HOME! =D