Wednesday, September 17, 2008

decide for me!

two pics
pick one


both are taken at the same place
but not exactly the same angle
and obviously at different time
still,they're me.
c'mon..comments comments!!
thank y'all

so gonna party hard this fri nite
li fang's farewell cum trial's celebration cum gathering


Saturday, September 13, 2008

dee dee dum

okay,i'm slightly behind Tsing..i've got 4 wrong answers for my Chem Paper1
lolz..damn cheating la..but i'm gona pass zee paper anyway(i hope) whee!
this is gona be a short post since exam's still on..
i'm juz gona take a short break after all those sleepless nites
and resume studying tmr..right..i stil hv two papers!!
i was stil thinking bout whether to keep my hair short or leave it long
okay, i seriously need some comments..coz i dun reli noe which suites me..
the short hair makes me look lil younger but lil kiddy..
n the long one makes me look a lil mature but i feel secured with long hairs.WTH
n no i'm not saying tht it's a weapon-like kinda secureness..
its juz..i feel i'm not tht "exposed" with long hairs covering half of my shoulder ya noe..
lol..wth im talking anyways,keep ur suggestions on,i need 'em
oh yea,totally missed out on Trials.
so as most of them say, Trials r meant to be hard =.=
is tht so? oh well,i do think so...i totally screwed up Math2
gahhhhhhh...y lah? felt like ripping my heart out after d test
of all d subjects, Math is the paper tht i want to pass most.
simply bcuz its way way better than Chem and i love maths=)
so anyways,if trials r meant 2 b hard,it juz says tht
one's a** is so gona be kicked if he/she does not study real hard
for the final 2 months b4 stpm..T.T
now i dun wan my a** kicked so i'm saying this to myself for the 10000000 times,

time to ciao
till then, good nite and hv a great weekend=)