Thursday, February 28, 2008

gimme a break

okay,its been officially 17 days since my last entry
dont blame me,i hv an exam goin on.
i shud'nt be here blogging right now
since I HAVE BIO PAPER 2 to deal with TOMORROW!!!!!!!
anyhoo,i'm quite..just quite confident with what i've revised over the past few weeks
as u can see,most of the bio students wont be spending time on9ing like what i'm doin now.God Bless Me=)
oh yea,this sat which is the 1st day of the 3rd month of the year..Music Society will be performing.i'm nervous,cant deny it.we had 2 practices ONLY! i'm not kidding u,just 2 awfully short practices n we'll be on stage this sat >< hoping for the best.*fingers crossed*
btw,i totally screwed my PA essays! T.T my mind went blank n i couldn't come up with any ideas for the essays>< gahhhhhh

OH YAAA! Blue house got champion for sukan kelayakan! wohooo~and we're currently in 2nd position for the overall marks.once again,Red House's leading right in front of every worries,as long as Sport's day is not here yet,we stil have hope.haha!

random sial:Domino pIzza'S BLUE and Pizza Hut's RED (told ya its random,dont hv 2 understand if u dont*

wish me luck,

Saturday, February 2, 2008

shitty day

right,i am certainly not feeling OK right now
i juz wasted whole 10 hours practically doing NOTHING.
ok,i'm supposed to say that our sch choir juz got 'Invited' to perform in conjunction wif CNY at Swiss Inn,Petaling Street?
it was damn shitty i tel u
we were thr since 8+ in d morning when the event was supposed to start at 2.30PM!
n hell we were informed to arrive early so that we cud practise on our performance
we werent even informed wat song to perform!
so we got there n i thought it was supposed to be held in a HOTEL.
it was just a stage in d middle of the stupid street.mind u ppl,juz a crappy stage on the STREET!
WTF is tht!!!!!!!!!!
oh wait,we boarded at the wrong place.we were supposed to reach Tmn Budaya
great,we walked all our way thr for breakfast.Nasi Lemak bungkus><
my leg wasnt feeling u can see,i went for jogging/walking for like 90mins yday n i even went shopping for 5hours+ after tht.u cud imagine how much pain my leg was in.
n hell,we only get rm15 pay for tht event! we cudve get more but since the sch's tht greedy n inconsiderate to use rm220 of our pay for the bus rental fee! wth we cud've juz taken LRT or RapidKL.thts so much cheaper larrr
so we had our breakfast,n walked our way bac 2 d stage.we practised n i dont even wana say wat song we was fcuking lame.
overall,the whole event was dman shitty. n im freaking regretful now.
cud've juz turned down the stupid offer.
oh well,in the end,thrs nothing i can do.