Saturday, June 27, 2009

goodbye, KL

All these years i have been wondering how would it be like to be able to leave home
and to stay somewhere all on my own
well,tomorrow is the day.
in less than 7 hours or so,i'll be leaving to Johore
to start a whole new life as a University student
i'll be staying at the Uni's hostel which i'm really worried now
i cannot imagine what kind of room mate i will have
well,in any case i think i have to handle things calmly

there are soo many things that i have yet to do
so many places that i have yet to visit in KL before i leave
the thing is,the time left is just too short
the time when i made up my mind and decided to accept the offer
it was already Monday. and the registration day is on Sunday
imagine having only 5 days to buy and pack everything needed when i'm there
not only that,to have only 5 days to get myself mentally prepared for the challenges that i'll be facing soon in my road ahead
however,i told myself to stay strong no matter what
i noe my friends and family r always there to support me
i'm more than grateful to your support

i'm gona miss everything here.
especially the time spent with my loved ones.
i noe i'll missing my bee very very much
though we wont be in the same uni
but i'm more than grateful cause we will be in the same state
and it only takes 1 hour drive from my uni to his
i'm gonna miss my mum's cooking! =(
sooo much to miss when i'm away
my besties:


tiny yiny


sadly yung yung was away in Aussie =(

here are some pics that i have yet to upload:

at sky bar celebrating jennyu's bday

and lastly,at jenn yu's hse

i'll still update my blog every once in a while when i'm in Johore
so dont give up on my blog yet!
stay tuned =)


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sunway Lagoon

trip to Sunway Lagoon was not as good as expected
the food was pricy,ticket was pricy
and most of all it wasnt even worth it cause there wasnt really much things to play
the slides were ok. n the rides at the amusement park was kinda fun too
but other than that,there was nothing worth playing anymore =/
sad sad.
i'd rather go Genting
oh yea, mum decided not to let us go both Genting n Sunway
so she asked us to choose between G&S.
and we decided to go for Sunway since it's been so long since most of us been there.
result: dissapointing =(
oh well,heading to Petaling Street tomorrow and Times Square this Friday =)

in sunway pyramid
spotted this in magazine shop

and u'll noe wat i mean =)


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

talk bout marathon

i'm back from Genting.
it wasnt really a fun trip
coz wat i did was sleep,wake up,eat,play cards,lepak around genting,eat,sleep...
yea,thts basically wat we did.
didnt wana go for theme park since i'm going up again this Friday
yes,u heard me.i'm going to Genting wtf
well,i'm bringing my cousins there this fri.more like a babysitter.
glad that Huixin's tagging along =)
BUT too bad,Corkscrew's not operating currently =/

wat more,i'm bringing my cousins to Sunway Lagoon tmr.
it's been ages since i've been there.
as much as i want to be excited bout tmr,i cant really do so
coz i'm dead tired now.
so needa sleep early n wake up early tmr for Bak Kut Teh with mum n grandparents before we head for Sunway L.

not much pics taken from Genting. n all of them r with Jxi.
so gotta wait for the pics=)
till then, buhbye!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

i need rest

gosh..i seriously needa rest.
this holiday has been busy busy busy for me
yesterday was spent at tmn bukit jalil.
went out for a family outing.

it was kinda fun. we had picnic there.mum cooked nasi lemak n fried noodles=)
it's been a while since we did this.
too bad,most of us woke up later than scheduled
n so by the time we reached there it was already 9.30am =.=
it was so sunny n hot that my original plan to jog was somehow canceled.
but anyway,we had fun =D

reached home around afternoon
and i wanted to take a nap cause i did not get enuf sleep the night before
but,my cousin decided to watch Gossip Girl season 2.
so i joined them.haha
well, the show was not my type.too much of dramas n sex scenes
too many scandals too.HAHA
stil prefer 90210 =)
later at night, went IOI Mall with bee to watch Night at The Museum 2
the movie was so-so. rated:6/10
i duno why but most of the jokes did not worked for me.
i mean thr were some parts where u can hear ppl laughing in the cinema
n i was like "huh?" cause seriously it wasnt that funny =/
my fav character would be Kahmunrah! haha
i love the way he speaks n acts.

and i just came back from Karaoke session this morning with the bunch
met Li Fang,she's back from UK =)
had fun cause the last time i went karaoke was like a year ago.
i have to pack again later as i'm going for a 2days1night trip to Genting tomorrow.
talk bout marathon.
still.i'm enjoying every single bit of it!

before i sign off,i have a video to share:

it's by Jon Schmidt, a pianist.
i listen to this song before i sleep n also the moment i'm awake.