Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Art of Love

Latest song by Guy Sebastian and Jordin Sparks

seriously idk where Guy went after his hit song few years back "Angels brought me here"

i rmb singing to that song with my cousins whenever it is played on the radio.

those were the days.haha

he's got great vocals no doubt as he won Australian Idol back in 2006 i think.

classes were fine this week.i'm slowly getting used to the packed time table this semester

seriously,i have classes from morning till night on both tuesday and thursday.

i somehow managed to not feel that tired at the end of the day on both these days

right now,all i want it just for CNY to arrive asap

cant wait to go back to my hometown-Sabah! =)

it's gona be real fun as all of my relatives are going back this year

because guess what,my beloved cousin sis Mag is getting engaged!

wohoooo. excited like hell =p

congrats to her anyway ;)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

i DYED my hair

yes,i did it
i dyed my hair!!
i was in dilemma yesterday.
i wasnt supposed to dye coz if i do,it'd be against one of the University's rule
however, i saw quite a number of students who had their hair dyed.
and i'm sooo eager to change my dull black hair since its gonna be CNY soon
so i went to a saloon in Summit Mall at Batu Pahat with Bernice this morning.
she wanted to get her hair permed.
to be honest,i'd be so happy and excited with my new hair colour if i were to be in KL
cause seriously,it makes me look younger and more hyped up compared to my recent colour
but too bad i'm in Johore..and i can tell you that i'm seriously honestly very worried now =(
i have class tomorrow.what if the minute i step into the bus,everyone starts to gossip bout my hair.or what if i get caught by one of the lecturers or guards?
darn,i'm so regretful now
part of me tells me im gona be fine,but the other tells me that i'm so gonna get busted.
well,for the time being
i guess i'm gonna try my best to stay hidden from other people
till my hair colour wears off a little more.

ohhh ya..i havent even mentioned.
i'm taking Japanese this sem. so far the classes r fun.
hopefully i get to brush up my japanese language.=D
as for cocurriculum,i'm taking modern music .
yup yup,and guess what instrument i got?
i got VIOLIN! wooohooo
as some of u might noe,i've been wanting to learn violin since long ago
but i wasnt free and plus the course are expensive ok!
dad doesnt agree to it.=/
but its ok,i now have free beginning lessons.

alrite,gotta run now.
in the mean time.i'd like to share a song.
it's not a new's rather an old song.
Coldplay-The Scientist
i suddenly remember of this song the other day
and i was hooked up with it.
the lyrics are just plain meaningful

Nobody said it was easy,
It's such a shame for us to part.
Nobody said it was easy,
No one ever said it would be this hard
Oh take me back to the start


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

still breathing

Helo guys
as u all know,i'm back in Johore.
i cried so hard 2 nights before my departure.
i just cant believe that my holiday's coming to an end
and i had to leave home to the dreadful place =(
for once,i learnt that family really means alot me.
it's all coming back to the usual routine now
i'm eating on my own and i'm washing my own clothes.
i cant help but to feel home sick the minute i arrived back at hostel.
i felt so empty,i just couldnt get used to being alone and away from home again
i watched as my parents leave after dropping me off at the hostel.
i was holding back my tears that very second. =(
i so wanted to run back home,back to where i belong.
well,the nightmares are over now.
i got over the emptiness.
feeling better now =)
i still miss home so much but i know i can get through this.
just few more weeks and i'll be back home for CNY.
wheeee <3
till then,i'll be back with more updates