Monday, December 31, 2007

last day of 2007


its the last day of year 2007

tis yr has been one of the most exciting year so far.......

->lets c,beginning of the year..i worked thru my 2nd job of my life for 2 months

->then i received my spm result which im quite satisfied wif

->next,i made d decision to do d ever-hardcore route--STPM

->not 2 be missed out,i got my driving licence!=)

->and of course,i did myself a favour by starting myself a relationship with someone i truly love..hehe

->oh yea! our sch choir got 5th in an intersch competition n i was part of it ^^

->i was grateful to be given d Timbalan Ketua post for Prefectorial Board

->however,i was thankful to have resigned d post as i knew that i cant get thru my 2008 holding on to tht post.

->Winley won Sentosa Idol(group category)

->done something really stupid n humiliating

->traveled to the land of the rising sun=japan

->made interesting new frens..d saujanians especially

thts basically wat i've been thru tis year

i guess my new year resolution's none other than to strive hard for stpm,be a good

girlfren,daughter n also buddy

p/s:i've got lots 2 blog bout for my sabah tel all bout it when im bac in kl

till then,Happy New Year everyone!


Monday, December 24, 2007


was out wif cousins the other nite for a drink when they start talking bout a video.

its another cover of Rihanna's "Umbrella"

the way that they described it was hilarious! i thought it was sum kind of

'anti-umbrella' thingy tht those artists come up with since they might not be too

happy with Rihanna coz her original "Umbrella" is really a major hit of the year.

however,i didnt know that this cover that my cousins were talking bout actually rocks

till i decided to go online and search through YouTube for this video.

the genre of the song is a total different from rihanna's coz its a total modern rock

song.take a view at d video,its funny yet amusing!

ela eh eh,

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Back in line

i'm suprisingly happier now..

i dont really know why but my mood juz starts to be friend me=)

maybe its all bcuz of the 'time of the month' thingy that i'm all moody..

girls girls girls ><

anyhoo, i'm really excited bout d upcoming trip..

trip 2 both Manukan/Sapi Island and Kinabalu National Park!


plus i'm goin bac to KL in a week time! HAR HAR xD

i want my present from lebah! =p

and i miss my frens

and of coz, sch's starting real soon..grrr

hmmm..i'm so into Taylor Swift's "Teadrops on my guitar"..sad sad song=(

oh yea,Leona Lewis's not bad too..winner from X-Factor..great vocal

btw,i finished the whole 'P.S I Love U' of 500+ pages

been staying up late almost every nite..tht book reli rocks!

i guess thts all for 2day.tis is realy a random post..haha

i juz ran out of topics 2 crap bout =D

p/s: Muse's "TIme is running out" kick ass! xD


Thursday, December 13, 2007

when a girl....

very nice tis from shirleypiggy's blog.hope u dun mind gal..hehe=p

When a GIRL is quiet ... millions of things are running in her mind.

When a GIRL is not arguing ... she is thinking deeply.

When a GIRL looks at u with eyes full of questions ... she is wondering how long you will be around.

When a GIRL answers " I'm fine " after a few seconds ... she is not at all fine.

When a GIRL stares at you ... she is wondering why you are lying.

When a GIRL lays on your chest ... she is wishing for you to be hers forever.

When a GIRL wants to see you everyday... she wants to be pampered.

When a GIRL says " I love you " ... she means it.

When a GIRL says " I miss you " ... no one in this world can miss you more than that.

Life only comes around once make sure u spend it with the right person .... Find a guy ... who calls you beautiful instead of hot.

who calls you back when you hang up on him.

who will stay awake just to watch you sleep.

Wait for the guy who ... kisses your forehead.

Who wants to show you off to the world when you are in your sweats.

Who holds your hand in front of his friends.

Who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares about you and how lucky he is to have you.

Who turns to his friends and says, " That's her!! "


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

another side....

hey y'all
im now at the other side of msia..d east penisular
n im starting 2 misss every1 badly..
especially bee...
be bac by 31/12
il sneak out 2 go on9 more often
juz so any1 who misses me so much cud catch a lil info on my goin-on hr xD
anyhow,take care guys=)
*hugs n kisses*

Saturday, December 1, 2007

girls day out

went over MV 2 meet up wif eileen,mandy n phooi fun. had a fun day=)

nice xmas decorations

we had lunch at Zemnai Sushi..nice jap food..n one reason y i heart tht restaurant's d food is cheap! plus..d place was really nice=)

Mandy n Phooi Fun

i juz miss her so much><

next stop,Baskin Robbins=) we had..oh no,i4got wat we ate>< costs us rm19.90..thr were 7flavours all 2gether with a small bowl of choc! yummy~~funy how phooi fun was talking bout making sabahan lou po jealous of us having Baskin since she was all the way in Pahang eating Bentong's Kow Po ice cream xD
hrs how it looks


presenting d *opps..4got the name* ice cream!xD

thts all for 2day..had lotsa i miss xin n yung..TT


Monday, November 26, 2007

true lovee

i was washing dishes d other day n mum asked me 2 go all d way 2 my bedroom 2 get Westlife's pirated new album..she seemed like she missed them so much..sadly,more than i do=.= n so i dried my hands n climbed d stairs d cd n get bac 2 washing dishes..>.< Westlife's known as d copycats coz they're so used 2 singing other ppl's song..but hey,i hv 2say..they're good in doing so! juz d 1st single 'Home' of d album is already so much better than Michael Buble's version! <3 so i dont care if u ppl out thr insult them like how i used to insult one of my classmate,Mr LCH! xD i'd still love them=) okay,so we were halfway through the album n it was then i came across a very touching song.its their 4th track of d 'Back Home'album--"Already There"..seriously,thrs tons of touching songs with lyrics tht would probably make u weep nowadays.n frankly speaking,sad n touchy songs nvr get me..however,tis song..tis particular somehow made me stopped washing dishes n i juz stood thr listening 2 d song..

"He called her on the road
From a lonely cold hotel room
Just to hear her say I love you one more time
But when he heard the sound
Of the kids laughing in the background
He had to wipe away a tear from his eye
A little voice came on the phone
Said daddy when you coming home
He said the first thing that came to his mind"

gosh..tis reminds me of my aunt who eventually lost her partner of life 2 yrs ago..i hv to tell u,its realy sad..i find it hard to get along wif n i cant imagine how much of pain my aunt has gone through through out the years.he has been one of my fav much fun i had with many trips we had been to together..n yet all of tht doesnt mean a thing now..he's gone with the wind for another woman..i juz dont understand how he could possibly leave the family for another person..i mean,why get married when u noe that u're not settled wif tht someone..when u noe u'll probably fall in love again..when u noe u juz dont love ur kids tht much tht u're willing to hurt them by leaving them..n why hv kids in the 1st place? alot of ppl dont get it,they fall in love in juz a second..n then they go coockoo in their heads that they ring d wedding bells in juz few months time like they're gona die in any second(juz like how they practise in Hollywood)=.= Ms Britney Spears is the perfect example..i feel sad for her kids.she's totally out of her mind>< when u get married,u're actually tying a knot wif tht special someone tht u love n u're to make a commitment to him/her.dont walk out of the door juz like tht when u get bored of ur marriage cause u're the one who said 'Yes' to every responsibilities in marriage.n yes,i agree tht sex's vital to every marriage to keep the excitement on..but i believe there's something else that's more than just sex in every relationship.since nowadays people dont have sex every single day.they get tired too..think of it,after a long day at work.u got home n u juz want a nice bath,a nice dinner with ur family n just a nice chit-chat wif ur wife.u dont go asking 'i wana have sex now!'..thts crazy! oh well,i'm actually trying hard to accompany my aunt..she have every rights to be happy.though she might cry over the stupidity of my uncle sometimes but i noe tht she's moved on wif her life.she's probably one of the bravest person i've ever knew=)
ok,gotta pen-off now.ciao~

signing out,

Sunday, November 25, 2007

tagged =.=

oh great..thx2 sabahan lou po,i now hv d reason 2 get out of my laziness n blog=.=

hr it goes,
Q1:What were u doing 10yrs ago?
HMM..lets c..10yrs ago..17-10=7..i was in standard1..acting all silly n mummy's girl..cried for d first few days of sch >< *shit..cant blive im act telling tis*

Q2:What were u doing 1 yr ago?
exactly tis time around..i was sitting 4 spm

Q3:What are the 5 snacks u enjoy?
Cadbury Bytes,Rocky,Chipster,Kit Kat,Hello Panda

Q4:What are the 5 songs u know the lyrics to?
wohoo..thts alot..infact,i hv all of Westlife's lyrics in mind=p anyhow,fav 5 wud be
1)Because of U-Kelly Clarkson
2)I Lay My Love On U-Westlife
3)I'm Ur Angel-Celine Dion+R.Kelly
4)She Will B loved-Maroon 5
5)The Reason-Hoobastank

Q5:5 things u would do if u're a millionaire?
1)shop till i drop!
2)buy an airplane
3)travel around d globe
4)donate sum of them of coz=)
5)plastic surgery(mayb) xD

Q6:5 bad habits?
4)not being determined enough

Q7:5 things u like to do?
1)go to the beach
5)punching Bee

Q8:5 favourite toys?
err..i dun exactly play wif toys..infact i dun hv any fav hv 2 pass=D

Q9:5 things u would never wear?
1)skinny pants
2)over shorttened skirts
3)clothes wif leopard print on *yucks*
4)oversized attire
5)T-shirt printed wif 'im stil a virgin!'

Q10:5 things you hate to do?
1)get all wet during tht "time" of d month
2)public speaking
3)quarrel wif sum1 i care bout
4)being forced to do sumthing i hate
5)running late 2 appointments

5 people i tag are: done!
1)Lien Yiny
3)Sharon Leong
4)The Devil Phooi Fun
5)Han Ning

p/s:wow..i never knew so much bout myself..not until ive been tagged! funny's tht? xD

Shirley's out

Monday, November 19, 2007

nth much..

10 of us went all d way 2 KLCC in our very unusual attire on d last day of sch..formal wear=)anyhow,'Swan Lake' was okay..mayb i was too tired.but i did enjoyed=)


im so gona read it!!! xD

Thursday, November 15, 2007

meteor rain tis nov17??

According to predictions, the famous Leonid meteor shower will peak this weekend.

The best viewing is predicted to be during the wee hours before dawn on Sunday, when you might see as many as 10 to 15 meteors per hour. But meteor showers are notorious for defying predictions, so don’t discount Saturday and Monday mornings. And don’t be too surprised if the Leonids surpass or fall shy of the predictions.

Even though the first quarter moon will light the evening sky, moonlight shouldn’t bother this year’s Leonid meteor display. As a general rule, the fast-flying Leonid meteors don’t pick up steam until after midnight, and by then the moon will have set. Frequently, the greatest numbers of meteors in any annual shower rain down shortly before dawn.

The Leonid meteors are named for the constellation Leo the Lion. If you trace the paths of these meteors backward, they appear to radiate from Leo. But you don’t have to know Leo to enjoy the Leonids. It’s like in a baseball game when fly balls go every which way through the air, but all come from the vicinity of home plate.

In the case of the Leonids, these meteors streak outward to all parts of the sky from Leo the Lion’s golden mane. And remember, after midnight, you’ll see more.

So, that’s this weekend – the Leonid meteor shower.

im not sure if i can act believe in this..but hey,its no big deal if i stay up tht nite n check on it=)

signing out,
fingers crossed

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


finally..of 9yrs in blue uniform..i am tired of everythin..n i am thankful for i was given d chance to let go of everything i once hold on's rather sad..i wont deny it..think bout it,9yrs of memories..9yrs of agony..9yrs of watching over ppl's mistakes n to point them out..n 9yrs of service to sch..9yrs of hardwork..i cant carry on anymore..

my deepest apology to all of my colleagues..especially CK..i noe u might not be too happy bout tis decision of mine..but i am sorry..i noe i shud've stayed n give u a hand..dont worry,i'll always be thr 4 u whenever u need me..i am sincere..anything,juz call on me..i wil try my best 2 sort it out even if i'm all out of right 2 comment on anything regarding prefectorial board.but hey,i'm stil ur ex-colleague=)

for Lex(i noe u wudnt want me to write ur name hr),keep holding on.i noe u're as fed up as i am but i noe deeply tht u're not as demotivated as i am..the whole job might suck big time but take it as a whole new experience.after all,i;ve had enuff of it.2yrs of holding d post is enuff 4 me already.i juz want to be a normal n happy pre-U student.hope u'll understand,im sure u will=)best of luck n rmb,im stil ur listener n im willing 2 hear all of ur craps..AND,i will crap wif u=D

as for the form4s,i'm sure gona miss u guys..all of u hv ur own abilities n qualities..figure it out n u all will shine=)gambateh neh^^

for the 1st time in my life,i feel gay=D real gay!!xD i am able to breathe again n this is the kind of life tht i want to spend for my last year of secondary sch^^

signing out happily,
shirley ur ordinary fren

Saturday, November 10, 2007


1st of apology 2 my daily blog viewers..i've been lazy lately..out of d blogging mood..><
but hey im bac=) holiday's juz around the corner..yeahoo^^ n oh no TT..yeahoo coz i get 2 laze around in bed..thrs no need 2 wake up 6ish n then stay in sch for the next 7+hrs..zzzzz..but's not all bout having fun n honeymoon-ing for lower sixers...TT..i hv no other excuse,i HV TO STUDY!!! like wat pn wong said,revise tv..soon thr'll be no movie in cinema..worst of all,no dating=( nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..i cant do tht..NO!
tiny called juz now..complaining how bored she is.s.oh well,her major STPM's on 19nov..9days 2 was laughing at her..HAHAHA..but then i start 2 think bout myself..i might be x100000000 crazier than she is..cmon,tiny aka d one wif d brain's act complaining 2 me how hard she's studying n how she felt like dying then??? wah...i seriously dunno how i wud survive 4 the next 10months til my major test comes in 2008 =.= hmm..we talked bout local uni..frankly speaking,i hv no idea y r most of d msian youth striving tht hard juz 2 get into our local uni..i mean helo,our stil n ever standing UM's out of d 200 ranking around d world class lar..compared 2 any uni oversea,they cud win us doubt..n it was then tht i got myself thinking wth im still stuck in form6 when i cud've went off 2 any colleges n study abroad..the thing's believe it or not,i dun hv tht much of M.O.N.E.Y..i hv a bro in college now n a sis in sec sch...if i were 2 go coll now,i'm being selfish d 2nd child,i dun deserve all of my parent's income=) think of d bright side,i stil hv time 2 think of my future study since im in form6 now..n i am learning sumthing new every single day.although i failed most of my subs in tis term exam,but i noe..i didnt put in my best effort..thrs stil chances..i've learnt my lesson comes 1st..i will work d hell out of me..i promise! coming exam i will not fail any sub anymore!!! =D aza aza fighting~(i miss Full Hse) xD

oh ya,Stardust rockss!! totally! its funny..out of my expectation..=) 30days of sucks..out of my expectation too..TT shud've listened 2 tsing yie..shud've juz bought d pirated dvd n watch it at home..atleast i cud stop d dvd anytime i want to coz d movie's juz not tht nice at all..*sob
i wana watch Balls of Fury,Lions for Lambs,Shoot em up(TY's recommendation),Enchanted,Golden Compass,AVP2,National Treasure,Beowulf,Hitman!!
so many movies yet so little time..><

til then,
shirley wana watch movies!!

b4 i wana blog bout HMC prom tht was held on 2nd of nov..
oh well,it was my 1st ever prom..i was excited really..n so,me+xin+yy got our 1st ever makeover..we got our hair n make up done by 'semi professional' =D rm35 for my hair n rm50 by Shiseido make up artist..aihz..half broke TT
but i muz say tht it worked on me la..i look 'diff' as in pretty la.LOL *perasan*
but again,d prom's not tht fun..not really my kind of prom..mayb i expected sth more..thr were per4mances by students n lecturers..DJ Prem from Fly Fm was d host of d event! woohoo..tell me bout it,he rox! =D anyways,i hv 2 rate it 6 on d scale of 10
hr's sum pics:


TADA~~ d 'diff' me =p

stucked in traffic,camwhoring in yy's car

wif xin on d stairs


im like d other sis of snow white =.=

Saturday, October 20, 2007

~hands down~

Breathe in for luck, breathe in so deep.
This air is blessed, you share with me.
This night is wild, so calm and dull.
These hearts, they race from self-control.
Your legs are smooth as they graze mine.
We're doing fine, we're doing nothing at all.

My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me,
So won't you kill me, so I die happy?
My heart is yours, to fill or burst,
To break or bury, or wear as jewelry.
Whichever you prefer.

The words are hushed, let's not get busted.
Just lay entwined here, undiscovered;
Safe in here from all the stupid questions.
"Hey, did you get some?"
Man, that is so dumb.
Stay quiet, stay near, stay close,
They can't hear, so we can get some.

My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me,
So won't you kill me, so I die happy?
My heart is yours, to fill or burst,
To break or bury, or wear as jewelry.
Whichever you prefer.

Hands down, this is the best day I can ever remember.
I'll always remember the sound of the stereo,
The dim of the soft lights, the scent of your hair,
That you twirled in your fingers.
And the time on the clock when we realized it's so late.
And this walk that we shared together.
The streets were wet and the gate was locked,
So I jumped it and I let you in,
And you stood at your door with your hands on my waist,
And you kissed me like you meant it,
And I knew that you meant it.
That you meant it, that you meant it.
And I knew that you meant it, that you meant it

got tis from Dashboard it so much..d lyrics rhymes n they mean so much to me..really=)
how i wish if d day would never end n so we cud stay up all nite..juz talking n crapping..LOL~ i cud never get enough of u..
okok...shud stop now..b4 i get any deeper n sum evil frens out thr may start 2 tease me again..haha! juz brace urself,listen 2 the song n feel it=)

btw,d song of d day:

Thursday, October 11, 2007

break time =)

woohoo..exam's not really over yet..haha..but still..its holiday! xD
lotsa stuff 2 brush up tis hol..gotta work on bio n chem..i kinda screwed up most of my papers =(
seriously it was sucky..i kept looking at d ques..especially math..kept thinking 'shit,i did tis earlier.cmon...recap!! ' too bad,i forgot most of it..those exercises tht i've spent time on..i totally erased it from my mind T.T
chem..i've been spending most of my time on tis sub..but stil,i'm really dissapointed..hate myself..cud've started revising earlier..when its all 'last-min' work,everythin crumbles up n its farewell to A ><"
bio....saddest case..i was officially a LOSER n a FOOL 2 hv done sumthin really stupid..MAJOR STUPIDITY..i lost my mind..i seek forgiveness from ppl tht r dissapointed in me..i noe i really did let u guys down..but hey,juz like wat sum1 said..we're prone 2 mistakes..n we wil only then realise how regretful we are for doin so..i've learnt my lesson well..thrs no 2nd chance..not even 1...i promise=)
btw,was watching 'suckiest mother' aka Miss Britney's latest video :gimme more suck big time..really.i swear i dunno wth she was doin in tht video(p.s:she looks fat><")plus,d song's even suckier! i noe i'm a lil mean..n sum britney fan club members wud come n whack d hell out of me but.i stil hv2 make a statement: I juz DISLIKE her....sory la britney,ur ~baby 1 more time~ doesnt work anymore..n 4 a sec, i act think Paris's better than her..GOSH! lol
gtg now..2 be contiued when i'm free 2 crap=)

signing out,

Saturday, September 29, 2007

i'm so......*grins*

its been a week...since tht very special nite=)
oh well..dont feel like blogging..coz i'm not really tht kind of person who brags=p
but since thrs sum requests from my evil pals...i've decided 2 keep u guys satisfied xD
*take note ya..i wont write tht much*..hehe=)
so yea..basically,tis week's been d best week of my life..i was all cheerful n happy..
u're 1 of d best thing in my life..i felt completely secured whenever u're around..
i've come 2 realise tht i love u more n all of d waiting was worth while..
okok..i'm goin lil too far get back 2 some happenings=D
study!!!!!!!!!!! TT
we're supposed 2 study 2day..but..haha..ended up talking over hours..still..i enjoyed most of it..=)

i miss u.......

Friday, September 21, 2007


days had been really gud..i've been thru some ups n downs..thr r times when i really felt like punching sum1 in d face..but thr r times when i so wana hug sum1 real tight screaming ~yay~~whee~!!!!! nvm..i'm weird i noe..LOL

so yea,basically thrs sum1 who did something which's really touching..on d 19th of Sept 2007,i received d most precious drink ever(so far)..n it's brighten up my day! i'm probably 1 of d craziest,living green tea u cud've imagined how i truly felt when i got tht ^greenish^ bottle from tht sum1 =p thank u so so much! if i cud,i'd do anything for u=)

n funny how my secret's not tht "secret" another 2 of my silly besties knew bout it..its good 2 share anyways..but only if u 2 promise 2 keep it carefully=)n i cant believe i juz told my mum bout we were having lunch 2gether 2day n all of a sudden,i had d urge 2 tel her bout my secret..

me:"mee,wana know a secret?"
mum: *suprised* "wat secret?"
me:"aiyo,u wana noe or not?"
mum:"juz tel larrr"
me:*staring at Starbucks which's juz opposite* "treat me starbucks 1st=p"
mum:"haha! no way,juz tel larrr"
me:"oklar,guess wat............'
mum:"u're in love???"
me:*LOL* "eh,how u noe?"
mum:"duh~u've been staying up late everyday chatting on9..rmb i'm ur mum,i noe wats goin on on ur mind"
me:"aihz..then i guess u noe who's tht person lor"
mum:*grins* "of coz..."

so thts basically part of my conversation wif my u c,we're both really close..n i mean REALLY..coz i dont think most of u would've shared tht kind of secret wif ur mum! haha! she's more like a sis to me=) well yea,i juz did it n it felt gud..she actually got so high tht we were laughing like mad ppl in d restaurant ><"

oh no..thrs sch tmrw=( omg,i'm kinda lost in physics..*help help*!!! TT
exam exam! n oh yea..dear Li Fang left=( gona miss her very much...

i hv 2 pen-off now,time 2 study study study!! ~Boring~

till then,
green tea addict

Friday, September 14, 2007

of pissed-offS & gayish

..obviously my title of tis entry tells tht i was really in a bad mood..
so recently thrs tis person..of great egotistic n rudeness got the hell on my nerves..he was
a)literally being unpleasant
b)being so kind 2 pass around d dismissal letter..its like he was asking 4 every1's sympathy ><"
c)continuously using 'my goodness' which really freaked me out
d)show no patience at all
etc..etc(no intention of writing any further)

these may all seem like small tiny matters but i'm telling u..if u were me,u'd be feeling the same..he was acting real childish..n crap,juz bcuz of his "not able 2 afford some sch uni" reason,we hv 2 sponsor rm120 for him! wth..its not like he couldnt afford on his own..cmon la,every1 noes tht!
juz got real pissed by his insolence n churlishness! grr~grow up la weih
n great,seems like d teachers r buying his stories..he's probably adding salts n spices on it..extra details which is so wrong..making us d bad ppl with nth else 2 do except dismissing ppl..zzzzz
screw u~!!!!

phewww..enuff wif tht,gotta chill now~
oh well,2day's fri..last schday of d week..weekend's hr! lol
was all gayish coz i can go home straight n thrs no need 2 go all d way 2 kasturi 4 tuition! =D went KFC 4 lunch n guess wat,i had Baskin Robbins green tea ice cream!!wheee~tht muz b my best dessert of d week! been wanting 2 eat it 4 quite sometime..haha!

oh eyebags r getting worst..lack of sleep.zzzz
bcuz of wat? its my fault..been staying up late lately..juz 2 study n *ahem* sumthin which i enjoyed ALOT..i mean alot..its like i'm addicted 2 it..cant hv a single day not chating wif him late at nite xP 4gv me,i'll cut tht down..exam's juz around d corner anyway T.T
~tis feeling's taking control of me n i cant help it~

oh well,hopefully i'll get 2 go out 2nite..juz 2 hv a drink wif mua darlingss=) i need a break(again)..hehe

signing out,
d Green Tea addict

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

what major is right 4 me?

You scored as Biology/Chemistry/Geology, You should strongly consider majoring (or minoring) in Biology, Chemistry, Geology, or related majors (e.g., Biochemistry, Environmental Science, Forestry, Fisheries and Wildlife, Genetics, Marine Biology, Zoology).

It is possible that the best major for you is your 2nd, 3rd, or even 5th listed category, so be sure to consider ALL majors in your OTHER high scoring categories (below). You may score high in a category you didnt think you would--it is possible that a great major for you is something you once dismissed as not for you. The right major for you will be something 1) you love and enjoy and 2) are really great at it.

Consider adding a minor or double majoring to make yourself standout and to combine your interests. Please post your results in your myspace/blog/journal.





























created with

well..looks like i'm really meant for bio....

Friday, September 7, 2007

late posts...

sory..been real bz lately..lots of stuffs 2 deal with..
exam's starting on 8th of Oct! which means its bout a month from now >>><<<<" tis marks the operation of 'burning midnite oil' aka the last min revision..sigh~'s some updates on merdeka usual..i wasnt really excited bout it..was only excited bout the holiday xp however,tis yr's something special..i actually went all the way 2 putrajaya 4 the merdeka juz bcuz of the fireworks=) nevermind bout the stupid traffic conjuction..i was glad tht i went..when the clock strikes 12,i could c beautiful fireworks lighting up the dark,dull sky..was amazed..nice^^ the ordinary one

the meteor-lookalike

the triplets

the flowerish

Song of the day: "Wont go home without u" by Maroon 5

Sunday, September 2, 2007

dance,love,sing n live

as though no one's watching u

LOVE as though u've never been hurt before

SING as though no one can hear u

LIVE as though heaven's on earth

Saturday, September 1, 2007

its been a while..

hmm..been lazy lately..dont hv the intention 2 blog..but like wat YP said,wats thr 2 blog bout everyday? i mean..its true actually..its juz crap..unless thrs sumthing really interesting,sumthing extraordinary..well hr i am now..guess its really time 2 say somethin=)
i'm really frustrated..hv no idea which 2 choose? physics or bio?? most of u who knew me since form4 would probably say:'of coz Bio lar!' ..its true,i've not been doin well in physics since form4..i even failed twice when i was in form4..i cant really get the formulaes..most of my frens thought physics's easy..but 4 me,i suffered alot..not only bcoz of my 'not so gud in teaching' teacher,Mr L...i dont find any interest in learning the kinetics..the vector..momentum..etc etc..lucky me,i scored well in SPM for for Bio,i really love it..i actually intend 2 study anthropology n even forensic science(minus the fact tht i watched 2 much of CSI) LOL~i love the body the reproductive part xP but too bad,i screwed my SPM a B4! *sigh* i did study..but luck wasnt wif me on the last day of SPM..i wasnt feeling well..i even fainted halfway thru the last paper..i thought of giving up on mind was blank..couldnt think of anything..oh well,tht was way bout NOW,i shud make up my mind..i hv 2 admit tht Bio's killing me softly..the Bio facts..zzzz..i actually fell asleep revising Bio..but things r different wif physics..somehow i found tht physics's interesting..mostly its bcoz of my tuition teacher,mR M..he';s damn funny weih..gosh,the way he teaches keeps me on..i can actually understand wats physics..hehe=) but again,if i gv up on Bio n choose physics instead..i dont think thts a very good choice since i love Bio..ish..hard decision 2make..
met up wif Aren yday..he juz came back from Russia 4 holiday..he's still the same..oh welll,i asked 4some advice..n he actually encouraged me 2 take Bio..its easier 4 gals..oh hr comes the boy n gal yet mom kept encouraging me 2 go 4 medical..arghhhh..i really need time 2 figure out.. its gona take some lets juz decide after the 1st exam=)
oh ya,watched lots of movies in the last hol..*i did study also lar* =p The Simpsons,Rush Hour3,Disturbia,Evan Almighty,200pounds beauty n secret..gotta intro secret..well actually its not really a CHUN-Ted movie lar...jay's not really a fabulous actor..his acting was juz so-so..HOWEVER,the songs! wow..bought the pirated OST..gotta tel ya,the songs r AWESOME! all of the tracks r damn cool..the piano..violin..i was touched..the rhymes the melody..! highly recommended=) check out this video


wif Aren=)
yung,me n finally SY! =)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

last day of sch hol

oh well..we've come to an end..juz like always come to an end..tis sch hol doesnt rock..really..i kinda missed the joy of it..been bz wif stuffs..had no time 2 hv fun..n i've not study much..TT ohmigod..
n so..i went 2 the market wif mua family..i saw sumthing interesting..thrs this guy standing in the middle of the street n guess wat,he was giving out free MSIA flags! whoa..i gotta tell ya,thts the 1st sight in my life..i mean..who would've done tht? u shud've seen him..he's such a generous guy..he was all sweaty but he didnt care much..he juz cared bout giving out nice cute flags 2 every1..n tht reminds me of the national day..its next week! whoa..50yrs of golden celebration..crap,we're performing next thurs! zzzz.n i hv 2 get sum1's baju melayu 2 wear...><"

thts him! in the middle=)

brushing up my japanese=)

aww..helo,ms einstein xD

Friday, August 24, 2007


i'm missing sumthing real n i need sum1 who really sees me..i've often wondered if love's juz an illusion..juz 2 get u through the loneliest days..i cant criticize it,i had no imagination juz stole me away..
Love's for a lifetime,not for a how could i possibly throw it away? i'm only human n nights grow colder with no one to love me that way..but yet i'm holding on to sumthing that i dont know why i tried..and now i'm itching for the tall grass and longing for the breeze..i need to step outside just to see if i can breathe..

i'm walking on a tightrope..i'm wrapped up in vines..i think i'll make it out but i need time,strike me down wif lightning,let me feel u in my veins coz i wana let u noe how much i feel your pain..your voice was the soundtrack of my summer,do you know u're unlike any other? u'll always be my thunder..your eyes r the brightest of all the colors..i dont wana ever love bring on the rain,bring on the pain..
its just me,you n my's just a chemical reaction,synthetic sensation..we're all addicted to sumthing that takes away the pain..
before i run faraway,i need to take a holiday..maybe it's a fall from grace,i just gotta find a new place.
if i could have u back again,i'd reconsider..on the other hand it would be better to have a life without the constant indecision over..
i'm telling u that i would sail oceans,to get a glimpse of how u feel..

i saw rainbow=)

i missed sth the other day..shud've posted on a movie i watched on wed:EVAN ALMIGHTY!
its really chun-ted..great show=) funny yet meaningful..hehe

well guess muz be my lucky day..i saw rainbow on my way home from tuition! n i got a shot of it..well like they say,catching a rainbow's sth lucky enuff..hehe..n i was lucky enuff in Bio class 2day..was so scared TKL would pick me n asked me ques on bio..i dont get panic usually but 2day..i was so damn nervous coz i didnt really revise much on tht enzyme chapter..n i was all alone coz phooi fun's goin 4 the saturday class..aihz..well..i got over it=)

-on my way out-

-on my way back-

-got stucked in traffic jam- ><"

-miracle of the day- =)

song of the day: Lonely by Shannon Nol

Thursday, August 23, 2007


sad case..i woke up 2day n find myself being VOICELESS..gosh..i cant speak clearly 4 the rest of the day..ppl find it hard 2 understand wat i was trying 2 say><" i juz dont understand..wats wrong? i mean my fever's as my flu..then wats wif my throat? grr..cant u let me speak? its really hard..i kept whispering while my hands were moving..LOL it was rather funny actually..n sum1 actually asked if i sang 2 much..SWT i find myself being attracted 2 AURORAs..its amazing how those source of lights can be that beautiful..

real nice=)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


whoa..its been 4 days since i've blogged..terpaksa join all the posts 2gether=)

1st day of afternoon session was juz okay..nth special..but had lotsa fun with the kiddoS..gosh..they're really "immatured" la..real kids..grr..running hr n thr..we had 2 shout at them 2 keep quiet..><" well my 'detective games' turned out 2 be juz fine..better than i had expected..well they seem2 be smart enuff..since 6 out of 10 groups striked the bulls eye..or maybe it was way 2 EASY 4 them..LOL

2nd day of kursus..woke up wif sore throat..bad sign..fever's coming..too much of exposure 2 sunlight maybe..well too bad..i was the photographer..had 2 run along wif the kids 2 capture their 'amazing moments' GAGA=p

woke up early 2day..was goin 4 the theory examination..luckily it was juz near my hse..8mins drive..=p so i had enuff time 2 stay in bed a lil longer..dont blame me..i was having a real headache..n i had 2 sit 4 an exam! TT thank god i kinda nailed the paper..oh yea,i met pui man..she was thr too..hmm..went prefectorial annual jamuan later in the was a 'so-so' event..wasnt really in the mood 2 party..n i fell real sick in the skin was burning..high fever..=(

drove myself 2 MV 2day..met up wif phooi fun..bought li fang's pressie..real nice n affordable ones..she's gona love it=) i bought myself a NOSE funny thing..we kinda lost our car when we finished the shopping..i 4got the actual spot whr i parked my car.LOL so we searched n walked around..grr..i hate it.. n finally..we found it..HAHA..silly me xD so basically thts my's sum pics

wif the so pohS xD

1 big family

wif jia xi's sis-jia xin! REAL CUTE..n she was actually wearing MPO'S Tshirt..=)

real silly boys

me wif the gals

Friday, August 17, 2007

i'm overwhelmed

1stly..i'm not in the mood of blogging now..but still,i gotta write bout 2day..its one hell of a day
seriosuly..i dont noe wat went wrong wif me..wat hv i done? i was juz doin wat i'm supposed 2 do rite..1st,amaran lisan..tak hirau..surat amaran..still no i had no choice but 2 send out the surat pemecatan..WTH wats wrong bout tht? u're blaming me 4 tht? 4 scolding u 2 clip ur hair?! helo..get it right thr..u're all 2 blame..dont even think tht u're so protected by ur bf n the wont work..justice tells it all..we'll c..u leave me no go on hating me if u want to coz i'm juz doin the 'SO RIGHT' thing hr..serve u right!
REal real pissed off
jamuan..kursus..prefects disciplinary
i seriously need a me..
i'm out of reach

*white flags*

MIKA..u're helping me alot..ur songs..encouraged me much..THANK U=)
keep on wif the real gud work..u rocks! =p

song of the day: Mika's 'any other world'

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


had lotsa work2 do 2day..was bz wif jamuan pengawas..grr
we juz dont hv enuff money..n i dont think the PIBG's gona sponsor us since they're so eager 2 spend on the whole new Multi-purpose hall><" n yet thrs these ppl who r not cooperative enuff..c'mon,we're already in charge of the money matter which's a real pain in the a**(sory)..cant u all juz take whole of the jamuan thingy..n i was real pissed when i was told tht i had to go all the way 2 Legend Hotel 2 settle the jamuan..i mean hello? arent u all supposed 2 be doin tht..its not tht i dont wana go but i juz dont feel tht any 1 of us shud be goin..U ALL are supposed 2 be goin..i hv tuition too,i'm not free too! grr~
Reaching into your eyes
I can feel you crawling
Through my veins like
Catching the first sunrise
nice nice=) taken from Lifehouse's latest: Mesmerized

i finally i got Kyle's pic! =p

^^cute eh

brand new click5!

Monday, August 13, 2007


my oh my..lets talk bout sunday..was out all day wif ma frens..
went Asia Cafe for breakfast..hmm..frankly,i dont think thrs anything so special bout tht place..its juz a nice environment foodcourt..n the best's tht its next2 taylors,inti,metropolitan..etc..
n next spot:sunway pyramid
best part of the day! sang wif all my heart..released my stress n felt real guud! =)
met up wif li fang,jxi,tmc,JY^2,CK,yy n hx..had lotsa fun..keke..too cant make it..i miss her><"

LOL..dont cover ur face la YY=p

wif Li Fang=) gonna miss her..


wif 2's missing..keke

hr comes monday...
OMG..had one of the worst day..totally! i was way more nervous than i'd
i was like..totally went blur n almost blank..i noe i didnt do well enuff..i juz noe tht..juz hv 2 say,sorry..tht was the 1st time i went on stage..n not juz 2 sing(i would've enjoyed)..i hv 2 be the commander of the assembly.* JUZ SHOOT ME* grrr
i wasnt tht sad till sum1 told me he would've graded me a "C"for my performance..but he was right bout sth--"u're the timbalan ketua wor..not juz ketua blok ler"=="
wth..i was tht bad huh?! aihz..sad sad..TT

song of the day: 'Dont cry' by The Cross..real cool korean band=)