Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fuck You~

hahaah sory with the rude title of ma blog post.
i just couldnt help it.been so addicted to this latest song of Lily Allen.
it's addictive like n my hsemates are crazy over this song. xD
anyways,i am also very sorry for not updating my blog for almost a month now.
truth is i've been occupying myself with lotsa stuff to do lately.
not much of assignments and tests havent really started yet.
but i've been travelling home for consecutive 2 weekends recently.
and i am grateful that one of the weekend when i was home,i get to hang out with mua babes on a shopping trip :)
my days have been so happening that tmr itself i'll be leaving to the lion city--SINGAPORE!
imma so damn excited that words cant be used 2 describe my feelings.
it's gonna be a 4days3nights trip. hopefully i wont overspent as my budget for this trip is only RM300.yeap,tht little i know.
but i am so broke now as i couldnt resist myself from spending these days.
note to self: save up!
nothing much's happening in my life right now.
so not much to blog about.
ending this post with some of the pics taken few weeks back :)
huixin babe :)
the trio ;)
eileen dear :)
alrighty,thts bout it.
hopefully i will blog bout my spore trip soon