Tuesday, October 28, 2008

love bug


JOE Jonas! and also tai kin leong la..LOL
but of coz i'm not as obssessed as Tsing is with the Andy thingy la..=D
he's so cute

check out this new video from the Jonas Brother

love it so much! they're juz so so cute ><
my fav would be Joe Jonas.
din really like them tht much b4.
i thought they're juz those regular boy band with cute looks and sucky songs
but i was so wrong.they're really good.
not only they're drop dead good-looking,they're talented and write really good songs too!
~yum yum~haha!

anyway..i hv to go now..shit..i hv yet to finish tsing's tag and also the butterfly award thingy.
once again,i'd like to thank Steph for nominating me=)

tht's all for now.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

i'm missing out on everything!

life's just so miserable these days
i received a call from mua besties this morning.
they were so nice.miss them so much
it wasnt till then that i realised that i hv not seen them for like 3 months?
gosh..3months is damn long weih.
anyways, we had this group study goin on.
so good so far. =)
i'm doin my best for stpm..
*fingers crossed*

i miss my cousins too..
but its ok coz i'm goin back to sabah again this coming CNY!
mum hv been making plans for our trip
she said we're goin sandakan,National Park n etc..
cant wait=)
i was looking thru Sophie's Mount Kinabalu climb pics on facebook
i so wana climb too!!!!

gtg now..
be bac soon=)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


hey guys,
i'm terribly sorry for not updating my blog lately
as u noe,
STPM's less than a month away
n i'm seriously having "exam-trauma" now
dont worry i'll be fine
just stay tuned for my stories
i will blog whenever i can afford to
plz dont giv up on me and abandon me juz yet


til then,
here's few songs i'm currently hooked on:

1) Jonas Brother- 'Love Bug'
2) The Script-'The Man who can be moved'
3) James Morrison-' U make it real'
4) Various Artists- 'Just stand up'

FYI,3 of the above are in my playlist at the right side of the page
go listen k =)

time to ciao
take care!!!!!!

p.s: Tsing,i'll finish ur tag asap k..hehe

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

how i ALMOST strangled myself

c this pile of papers? T.T

i'm still alive..
thank god
u see, for the past 12months
i never realised my bro had these bunch of notes n books
i knew he was a form six student before
but little did i know that he stil kept these damn useful books in a box
i didnt realise till the other night when i was looking for my old SPM books n notes for sis..
i was screaming like a mad person when i found 'em
i was happy n sad..

best of all,he hv this 80 bux
international edition BIO reference
that u can get in our sch library

with clearer diagrams like this:

the immunity diagram

the MATH T Q&A

and a few trials papers from other states,
one of them is this:

want a closer look?

its the Chung Ling's!
n all of u must've known how brilliant tht sch is

and others too

so now u tell me,
whyyyyyy didnt i found them earlier T.T
its okay,i still hv a month+ to get a good use of them =)

till then,
i wana kill my bro! (jk)