Friday, March 27, 2009


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yes yes..i know
i've been away for like ages.
sad to say, i was kinda dragging myself away from blogging cause i was just too embarrassed to announce my awful results here.
yeap, i wont ever reveal my results here. never ever
but i did applied for local U.
just hoping that i can atleast squeeze myself into one of the good courses.
i've been whining and crying over my poor results for just a day.YES JUST A DAY! mind you
seems that i have good control with my emotions huh.LOL
so yea,i've been thinking much on what i want to do with my future.
well,with my dreadful results,i had to give up on my only love-BIO. sad huh. instead,i've made a decision to study on FOOD.
yeap,i've chosen 5 courses on Food itself. they involve food tech,food science etc
and of all the local universities.i had no choice but to pick UMS which is the furthest.
but i don't really mind though and i'd love to accept the offer if they do place me in UMS as Sabah is my 2nd home. =)

woohooo.i'm so gona win some tix and hopefully some backstage passes =p
not really a huge fan but he is cute alrite.and his songs are niceee

will be back soon, i promise=)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

the 10th........

just 2 days more,and i'll have to face reality
yes yes,the STPM results will be out on the 10th as confirmed by many
i'm bloody worried and nervous ok
i seriously can't imagine how mine would be like
i was kinda confident back in the SPM days.but now,worry shit
i fear of losing the opportunity of getting a place in local U
well,since it was all set and done. lets now pray and wait till result's out
it's all in destiny's hand.

btw,i'm now officially a Moral teacher.
guess what,i have 21 periods of MORAL.
plain moral ok.
it wont bore u if u were to look at other's timetable coz theirs will be a mixture of 2 or 3 subjects.but mine are all just MORAL.

till then, i dont think i'll announce my results here.
coz it might be too embarrasing to do so.