Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Moon was the bomb!

hey y'all
back from outing with my babes
watched the anticipated Twilight saga: New Moon
it was awesome!
anyways,update shall be tmr aiks
coz im dead tired now.
not in the mood to blog
i'm glad to meet up with my feels good =)


Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm a lousy tour guide

me and Siew Lee at S.Pyramid

here's a late update
my housemates decided to pay me a visit last week.
it's good to have housemates from diff places.cause so far i've visited Malacca for like 3 times
funny rite.coz i rmb the last time i went thr was like 8 years ago.
and this year alone,i've been thr for more than once
thanks to Bernice;)
more than that,i also visited Kluang and Batu Pahat as 2 of my housemates are from there.
so yea,they came over and i brought them over to places in KL
it was then i realized i'm a poor tour guide
u noe why? i actually ran out of ideas of where to bring them to.
its like suddenly i realise KL doesnt have any nice food
u noe like Curry Laksa,Asam Laksa etc..those food arent originally from KL
so when they asked me to bring them for nice KL food
i was like =.= coz i just dunno where to bring them to!
haha..silly me
so end up me bringing them to Times Square,Petaling Street, Sg Wang, Mid Valley and Sunway Pyramid.
yes,as u can see all of them are shopping malls! lolz
so sory but the only thing i can think of "things to do in KL" are plain SHOPPING
Bernice bought like 10 over dresses and clothes.she was really on shopping mood
we went into so many 'RM25' shops.u noe,they sell all of their clothes at just RM25 but no trying though.
thts y i didnt really buy any coz when i buy clothes i had to try them on beforehand
just incase it doesnt fit or it may not look nice on me ;(
u must be wondering where did i brought them to for food.
well,i brought them for Pan Mee and Bak Kut Teh.haha
and my mum actually cooked dinner on the first night they were here.


at the Sunway Pyramid main entrance

camwhoring at the dressing room

Sg Wang

me and Bernice

the gals shopping at Lovely Lace

Bernice at Mid vALLEY

Petaling Street

Bak Kut Teh at Jln Klang Lama

thts bout it

Sales Sales Sales

Gosh,it's year end already and it's sales everywhr!
my purse's gona much.lolz
oh yes,i have a new obsession.
i'm in love with Charles and Keith heels
they're having this 50% sales promotion until end of Nov
and i'm so havin the urge to get a new black heels
yeap,i have a few pairs in mind.
went to Sunway Pyramid last nite
bee came 2 fetch me for dinner
he juz came back from his 2 days camp and his uni mates were with him
so 4 of us went over to Sunway for dinner
and i went into Charles n Keith
the shoes were amazing i tel you
since they're having a plan to go clubbing next week
i seriously needa get a heels coz i dun have a proper heels to go club with!!
and those heels that i have in mind are all under RM70!
can u blif it? Charles and Keith weihh =)
almost the same price as Vincci and Nose yet u can get a better quality one..Niiceeee
okay,i forgot to take pics of those heels that i saw in the shop
but i surfed the website and saw a few that quite matches my choices

No 2:
No 3:

my shopping mood is so on
but i cant really spend so much
needa save.
i've been thinking of buying apple iPod. coz my current Samsung mp3 is like so not functioning well..
oh btw,watched 2012 and i dont think it's as good as expected.
i'd giv a rating of 6.5/10
the stories were typical and though the graphics were really good
it's juz not really that interesting and exciting
and some of the scenes got me wondering if it's gona be that bad.
like example the scenes where the earthquake happened and all of the ground were falling off
and soon u can see a whole scene of mountains.real high
but i dont really think that it'll turn into that kinda situation
well i dont know,we cant really predict wat's gona happen right.
but there were few touching scenes.u noe,the one where u lose the last chance to say goodbye to your loved ones b4 ur life ends.
it's painful,i noe =(

gotta run,bye love<3