Sunday, August 26, 2007

last day of sch hol

oh well..we've come to an end..juz like always come to an end..tis sch hol doesnt rock..really..i kinda missed the joy of it..been bz wif stuffs..had no time 2 hv fun..n i've not study much..TT ohmigod..
n so..i went 2 the market wif mua family..i saw sumthing interesting..thrs this guy standing in the middle of the street n guess wat,he was giving out free MSIA flags! whoa..i gotta tell ya,thts the 1st sight in my life..i mean..who would've done tht? u shud've seen him..he's such a generous guy..he was all sweaty but he didnt care much..he juz cared bout giving out nice cute flags 2 every1..n tht reminds me of the national day..its next week! whoa..50yrs of golden celebration..crap,we're performing next thurs! zzzz.n i hv 2 get sum1's baju melayu 2 wear...><"

thts him! in the middle=)

brushing up my japanese=)

aww..helo,ms einstein xD

Friday, August 24, 2007


i'm missing sumthing real n i need sum1 who really sees me..i've often wondered if love's juz an illusion..juz 2 get u through the loneliest days..i cant criticize it,i had no imagination juz stole me away..
Love's for a lifetime,not for a how could i possibly throw it away? i'm only human n nights grow colder with no one to love me that way..but yet i'm holding on to sumthing that i dont know why i tried..and now i'm itching for the tall grass and longing for the breeze..i need to step outside just to see if i can breathe..

i'm walking on a tightrope..i'm wrapped up in vines..i think i'll make it out but i need time,strike me down wif lightning,let me feel u in my veins coz i wana let u noe how much i feel your pain..your voice was the soundtrack of my summer,do you know u're unlike any other? u'll always be my thunder..your eyes r the brightest of all the colors..i dont wana ever love bring on the rain,bring on the pain..
its just me,you n my's just a chemical reaction,synthetic sensation..we're all addicted to sumthing that takes away the pain..
before i run faraway,i need to take a holiday..maybe it's a fall from grace,i just gotta find a new place.
if i could have u back again,i'd reconsider..on the other hand it would be better to have a life without the constant indecision over..
i'm telling u that i would sail oceans,to get a glimpse of how u feel..

i saw rainbow=)

i missed sth the other day..shud've posted on a movie i watched on wed:EVAN ALMIGHTY!
its really chun-ted..great show=) funny yet meaningful..hehe

well guess muz be my lucky day..i saw rainbow on my way home from tuition! n i got a shot of it..well like they say,catching a rainbow's sth lucky enuff..hehe..n i was lucky enuff in Bio class 2day..was so scared TKL would pick me n asked me ques on bio..i dont get panic usually but 2day..i was so damn nervous coz i didnt really revise much on tht enzyme chapter..n i was all alone coz phooi fun's goin 4 the saturday class..aihz..well..i got over it=)

-on my way out-

-on my way back-

-got stucked in traffic jam- ><"

-miracle of the day- =)

song of the day: Lonely by Shannon Nol

Thursday, August 23, 2007


sad case..i woke up 2day n find myself being VOICELESS..gosh..i cant speak clearly 4 the rest of the day..ppl find it hard 2 understand wat i was trying 2 say><" i juz dont understand..wats wrong? i mean my fever's as my flu..then wats wif my throat? grr..cant u let me speak? its really hard..i kept whispering while my hands were moving..LOL it was rather funny actually..n sum1 actually asked if i sang 2 much..SWT i find myself being attracted 2 AURORAs..its amazing how those source of lights can be that beautiful..

real nice=)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


whoa..its been 4 days since i've blogged..terpaksa join all the posts 2gether=)

1st day of afternoon session was juz okay..nth special..but had lotsa fun with the kiddoS..gosh..they're really "immatured" la..real kids..grr..running hr n thr..we had 2 shout at them 2 keep quiet..><" well my 'detective games' turned out 2 be juz fine..better than i had expected..well they seem2 be smart enuff..since 6 out of 10 groups striked the bulls eye..or maybe it was way 2 EASY 4 them..LOL

2nd day of kursus..woke up wif sore throat..bad sign..fever's coming..too much of exposure 2 sunlight maybe..well too bad..i was the photographer..had 2 run along wif the kids 2 capture their 'amazing moments' GAGA=p

woke up early 2day..was goin 4 the theory examination..luckily it was juz near my hse..8mins drive..=p so i had enuff time 2 stay in bed a lil longer..dont blame me..i was having a real headache..n i had 2 sit 4 an exam! TT thank god i kinda nailed the paper..oh yea,i met pui man..she was thr too..hmm..went prefectorial annual jamuan later in the was a 'so-so' event..wasnt really in the mood 2 party..n i fell real sick in the skin was burning..high fever..=(

drove myself 2 MV 2day..met up wif phooi fun..bought li fang's pressie..real nice n affordable ones..she's gona love it=) i bought myself a NOSE funny thing..we kinda lost our car when we finished the shopping..i 4got the actual spot whr i parked my car.LOL so we searched n walked around..grr..i hate it.. n finally..we found it..HAHA..silly me xD so basically thts my's sum pics

wif the so pohS xD

1 big family

wif jia xi's sis-jia xin! REAL CUTE..n she was actually wearing MPO'S Tshirt..=)

real silly boys

me wif the gals

Friday, August 17, 2007

i'm overwhelmed

1stly..i'm not in the mood of blogging now..but still,i gotta write bout 2day..its one hell of a day
seriosuly..i dont noe wat went wrong wif me..wat hv i done? i was juz doin wat i'm supposed 2 do rite..1st,amaran lisan..tak hirau..surat amaran..still no i had no choice but 2 send out the surat pemecatan..WTH wats wrong bout tht? u're blaming me 4 tht? 4 scolding u 2 clip ur hair?! helo..get it right thr..u're all 2 blame..dont even think tht u're so protected by ur bf n the wont work..justice tells it all..we'll c..u leave me no go on hating me if u want to coz i'm juz doin the 'SO RIGHT' thing hr..serve u right!
REal real pissed off
jamuan..kursus..prefects disciplinary
i seriously need a me..
i'm out of reach

*white flags*

MIKA..u're helping me alot..ur songs..encouraged me much..THANK U=)
keep on wif the real gud work..u rocks! =p

song of the day: Mika's 'any other world'

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


had lotsa work2 do 2day..was bz wif jamuan pengawas..grr
we juz dont hv enuff money..n i dont think the PIBG's gona sponsor us since they're so eager 2 spend on the whole new Multi-purpose hall><" n yet thrs these ppl who r not cooperative enuff..c'mon,we're already in charge of the money matter which's a real pain in the a**(sory)..cant u all juz take whole of the jamuan thingy..n i was real pissed when i was told tht i had to go all the way 2 Legend Hotel 2 settle the jamuan..i mean hello? arent u all supposed 2 be doin tht..its not tht i dont wana go but i juz dont feel tht any 1 of us shud be goin..U ALL are supposed 2 be goin..i hv tuition too,i'm not free too! grr~
Reaching into your eyes
I can feel you crawling
Through my veins like
Catching the first sunrise
nice nice=) taken from Lifehouse's latest: Mesmerized

i finally i got Kyle's pic! =p

^^cute eh

brand new click5!

Monday, August 13, 2007


my oh my..lets talk bout sunday..was out all day wif ma frens..
went Asia Cafe for breakfast..hmm..frankly,i dont think thrs anything so special bout tht place..its juz a nice environment foodcourt..n the best's tht its next2 taylors,inti,metropolitan..etc..
n next spot:sunway pyramid
best part of the day! sang wif all my heart..released my stress n felt real guud! =)
met up wif li fang,jxi,tmc,JY^2,CK,yy n hx..had lotsa fun..keke..too cant make it..i miss her><"

LOL..dont cover ur face la YY=p

wif Li Fang=) gonna miss her..


wif 2's missing..keke

hr comes monday...
OMG..had one of the worst day..totally! i was way more nervous than i'd
i was like..totally went blur n almost blank..i noe i didnt do well enuff..i juz noe tht..juz hv 2 say,sorry..tht was the 1st time i went on stage..n not juz 2 sing(i would've enjoyed)..i hv 2 be the commander of the assembly.* JUZ SHOOT ME* grrr
i wasnt tht sad till sum1 told me he would've graded me a "C"for my performance..but he was right bout sth--"u're the timbalan ketua wor..not juz ketua blok ler"=="
wth..i was tht bad huh?! aihz..sad sad..TT

song of the day: 'Dont cry' by The Cross..real cool korean band=)

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Tried to take a picture
Of love
Didn't think I'd miss her
That much
I wanna fill this new frame
But it's Empty

Tried to write a letter
In ink
It's been getting better
I think
I've got a peice of paper
But it's Empty

It's Empty
Maybe we're trying
Trying to hard
Maybe we're torn apart
Maybe the timing
Is beating our hearts
We're Empty

And I even wonder
If we
Should be getting under
These sheets
We could lie in this bed
But it's Empty

nice song by the click 5=)
song of the day: none other than Empty by Click5=p

Friday, August 10, 2007

Okazaki fragments

learned bout sumthing new in Bio 2day.which is really interesting..find tht i'm getting 2 love Bio more n more xD Okazaki was actually created by a Japanese interesting..the Japs r not only gud in bullet trains n porno-making..they're gud in Bio too..^^ LOL

whooohoo..thrs sch tmrw..n crap,my biggest fear..i was told tht i'm the pentas's commander on monday's assembly as CK wont b around..OHMIGOD! grrrrr
i'm getting real fucked up wif the prefects attitude..they dont even care a thing bout the not clipped..longgar tie..not being punctual 2 tugas...WTF! dont go telling me tht ur hair's gona b so not nice if ur hair's me,i feel the same way too..but hey,since u're a prefect...cant u juz show sum respect to the AJKs? been telling u over n over again..klip rambut naikkan tie..oh no,i will not tolerate anymore..juz wait n c

then thrs this annoying guy..n i mean REAL ANNOYING one..arghh..thrs no way 4 u to juz letak jawatan without our permission..FYI,lembaga pengawas's not a 5star hotel whr u can check in n out whenever u want to..u're such a freaking bastard..go think of urself..things dont always go like the way u want..its time 4 u to be considerate..cant u juz be patient n wait till monday..helo,like thrs only 2 days to go..u wont die..*pissed*

i cud hang myself*

song of the day: 'Boston' by Augustana (i seriously need a break)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


juz so u noe..i'm getting used 2 not napping in the afternoon nowadays..i wasnt used 2 doin tht as i'll be over exhausted at nite or mayb i'll b sleeping in class the next day..zzzZZ
well..i'm juz too bz 2 get a nap now..tons of hw..revision..form6 r way too different..cant practise last min thingy..besides,exam's coming real real soon..midst of sept! exactly a month 2 go..thrs too much 2 cover..Bio..physics..math..boring PA..chem..*gulp* i can only hope 4 the best..TT

getting bored of the radio..Fly n Hitz..they seem 2 play the same songs over n over again..BORING!
fergie's Big Gals Dont Cry's playing most of the time..Maroon5's makes me wonder..Elliot Yamin's wait4 u..gosh..those were my favs..but not anymore..thx2 the radio station..i'm getting bored of them..anyways,*ALERT* Click5's back! n they've got a brand new vocalist..a much much CUTER one..XD gosh..juz hate it..searched all of over the web..still can find a single pic of the new vocalist's-Kyle Patrick..grrrr

besides,their songs r nice! it roxx! =D whee~
so wana watch The Simpsons Movie..heard lots of good reviews on it..then thrs Rush Hour3!! LOL xD..muz watch! dont care if i hv 2 watch the pirated DVD..=p

song of the day: Jenny by The Click Five =)

Monday, August 6, 2007


tired..sleepy..grr..i cant really get chemistry 2day..sumthing bout the chemical bonding. wat the heck..thought it shud b easy as we've all learned it since form4..=(
physics..SIGH`i'm more dissapointed wif physics.y cant i get wat MrEng's trying 2 teach? gravitational force..centripetal force..wth wth wth!!!!!

juz received a msg from a fren of mine..was suprised actually..these were the lines:
In the moonlight 
Your face it glows
Like a thousand diamonds
I suppose
And your hair flows like
The ocean breeze
Not a million fights
Could make me hate you
You're invincible
Yeah, It's true
It's in your eyes
Where I find peace

was glad though.2 noe tht i'm still in ur mind..i shall move on n 4get watever
in the past..
sumthing got on my nerves 2day.thrs bunch of ppl..not 2 mention who..showed
NO respect
at all..they totally showed off their anger n disatisfaction..helo,its not
like we hv
nth better 2 do than choosing u as prefects..
we're juz doin wat we're supposed 2 do..n so we thought tht u all might hv sum
..dun try2 mess wif us..u're angry n mad thts fine..juz dont think tht u can
do watever
u want to..ISH!!
damn..shudnt hv slept tht long juz now..wasted desire2 watch
Tht's 70 show d..

still got work2 do..TT

song of the day: Broken by Secondhand Serenade:)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

my my..

wat a boring day...zzz~i feel mood of studying..sat thr wif my opened bio text..cant concentrate at all><" watched tv instead..aihz..thts not wat i'm supposed 2 do..i'm supposed 2 be revising bio+physics..n i hv tons of hw 2 finish..teng's maths..physics test urselfS! T.T help meeee! *strugglin*\

i miss sum1..shh~ this feeling's growing in i said,each n every time tht i c u..i cant help thinking hw much it would b like 2 hv own ur heart..i've done sumthing really stupid back then..n am really really sory 4 tht..if only i could turn back time..things would've been better between us..=(

*love aint easy* TT..juz love tis pic

gosh..i've realised tht i'm getting really addicted 2 ROXY..though d prices might b high..i still lurve it! so so much..d clothes,wallets,shirts,thongs,tanks,begs..everythin!

i want them!!! =p

well,i got so damn bored tht i started taking pics><"

LOL..was trying 2 make my face look works eh? =p

Saturday, August 4, 2007

wHEE~'s my 1st ever entry! its not tht i've never been a blogger..i used 2 blog in frenster..but i find it rather comfortable 2 blog hr i am...using a brand new account xD
hmm..2 start it off,bout my blog's name..'sugar secrets'..u might b curious,y on earth do i use tht..2 be frank,i dun even noe y..i was thinking hard of a name 4 my new blogspot..n this phrase suddenly pops up in my mind..=) funny~LOL
oh yea..speaking of my day..nth special actually..went kasturi in the morning..was supposed 2 attend KRS's meeting..but failed 2 coz i juz had 2 go 4 tuition..cant miss any of the class..well my class was actually on weekdays but i had 2 stay back 4 the music club's meeting as they're having the AGM..which is really really important..*i want a post thr*=p well,in the end,i was lucky,got the president post xD whee=) i'm glad! n so,wat really gets me was tht BIO class was canceled! TT='(
was real pissed off..went all the way 2 KL n they canceled the clas? wth! i ran all the way from the LRT station n yet i was late 4 PA class..grrr..was all sweaty><" n then i got the news of the day,Li Fang's leaving 2 UK next month! gosh,i realised tht i'm actually upset bout it..she's such a sweet gal..gona miss her lots..hoping 4 the best 4 her=) after all,she's the 1st among us 2 study abroad,u go gal! =D after tuition,went 4 extra piano lesson..theory exam's coming real real soon..16days 2 go..kinda nervous..think i'll b able 2 get thru it as i've been doin lots of exercises shud help me alot..oh ya,guess wat..i drove bro's car 2day! LOL..its manual..n my biggest fear! they juz get on me..its like i'm cursed..cant drive manual car..the engine will surely die off whenever i'm on the wheel..TT..but then,i've decided 2 face the fears 2day..drove d car alone..without any adult guidance.WAHAHA..n i got over it(minus the 2times engine went dead*xD ! cant blieve it..*i actually drove withough the 'P' sticker too!* n guess wat,thrs actually a patrol car behind me when i was stopping 4 the traffic light! LOL..was damn nervous..god knows if they'll stop me n check on my licence! i'll b so dead! haha..but then,i escaped! ^^ she's such a cutie:) main actress of 1 litre of tears

sisters posing wif sunglasses=p

ma baby..cute eh-oo

haha..tis pic makes me laugh..look at her face expression! xD