Sunday, March 30, 2008

i miss u,mummy

tis is again,not another cheesy post
mum's safe..her operation was successful
but she had to stay in the hospital for a week
went 2 visit her n for the 1st time,i found that she's all alone
n i miss her so
stay tough mum.
we'll all be missing u throughout the entire weekdays
love u lots

Friday, March 21, 2008

not a CHEESY post

juz a short one,


thx 4 d lovely pressie^^

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

i need a miracle

i 'm traveling to nowhere
i can't explain why it's not enough
all of the hard work that I've put in
it all seem to be not enough
why am i still failing my chemistry
not just that,
my PA paper
my karangan was like shit
and yet my paper 1 was even suckier
be it I have a low IQ or I was careless
i can't find a reason why i screwed up my penyelesaian masalah part
Cmon lah,i'm not that bad am i? =(
MUET paper was another failure
i didnt know my English was not that good
i mean wth?!
i could've scored 30+ for reading comprehension la weih
please,help me.
i don't wana ever jump into a river
even if i do fail my chemistry

Alright,it's time to patch things up
i'm gona work the hell out to fix it all
gosh,can i call FlyFM-Fix it to seek help?
dumb idea,i'll have to pass that
so neway,pray for me/with me
cause i've made a promise to myself
in the coming exam,i shall not shed a tear over my sucky result
cause i'm gona

SCORE for others

currently listening to: Jordin Sparks feat Chris Brown- "No Air"
*great song,must try*

Saturday, March 15, 2008

7 仔


the 'whee~look at me,im cute' look

the 'i'm sad,hug me' look

i'm kinda emo this few days.
i bought 7仔 back from pasar mlm on thursday nite.
thanks to her,i'm feeling alot happier=)
just a look at her makes me wana smile.hehe

mum's getting a knee surgery and i'm worried
though it seems nothing biggie to her
sigh =(
a friend of mine lost his father this morning
he was a cancer patient before
my deepest condolence

current listening to: RyanDan's "Like the Sun"

nice lyrics:
God put us here on this carnival ride, we close our eyes never knowing where it'll take us next, Babies are born, and at the same time someone's taken at last breath.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

anger management

wat a nice smile=) awww

too bad, thrs more to it than what u see in this pic
frankly speaking,i am a very hot-tempered person
once again,my anger has conquered my feelings
i should change
i know i will....

wookay,so thrs this gathering wif the ex-AJKs of prefectorial board
tmr nite at station 1 kuchai
the thing's i dont think i can possibly make it
my dad will prolly stop me from goin out at nite again
no i'm not grounded
its juz tht i've been out almost everyday to school for curriculum activities
but i really wana go =(
oh well..

currently listening to: "is it you?" by Cassie

Monday, March 3, 2008


i have a declaration to make
i'm gona have to pay Pn Tan
yes,u heard me
i'm gona FAIL chemistry

this is really an S.O.S