Tuesday, December 21, 2010

my first ever photoshoot =)

so sory for the lack of updates!been busy going out lately.hahaha
so anyways,i went for my first ever photoshoot.
the photographer was Lienyiny's fren's fren =)
paid RM70 for the whole thingy.it was quite worth it.
the outcome is satisfying!
but not to mention,i was late for my first photoshoot itself.haha
i woke up the exact time the photoshoot was supposed to start like WTH?
lolz.fail much! i stil rmb turning off the alarm myself and slept back.hahaha
so here are some of the pics,enjoy =)

i personally love this pic
the most!

and finally presenting our duet pics =))

loving the photoshoot so much that im determined to go for more!
hahaha.maybe trying out on studio theme next time =)