Thursday, April 30, 2009

labour day

this is definitely not a good day to have outings
unless u have planned everything beforehand
evrywhr u go is crowded..cinemas r all full house
i'm still waiting for bee to get ready so i can actually have lunch! @@
just a short post.=D

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


i'm so in love with this song right now
the video's juz plain sweet and nice =)

by Plain White T's

Saturday, April 11, 2009

sunday morning rain is falling..

yes rained so heavily all the way from OUG to Puchong.
n i was driving as slow as i can and as far as i can from the car in front of me
but i somehow enjoyed driving in the heavy rain cause when it's raining,
u cant really see whats ahead of's as though u're driving in heaven with all the mists surrounding u.LOL

anyways,i cut my hair.short. kinda like what i have last time when i decided to chop my hair off.
but this time it's prettier coz this haircut costs me rm40!
like they say, u want better quality, u pay for the price.
however,i'm still trying to get used to my new hairstyle. =)

btw, Slumdog Millionaire is the bomb!
i watched it on dvd with bee yday. damnnice lo
u muz not miss the me,watch it n u'll know y.
anyways, i'll post a pic of my current hairstyle soon.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

i'm a good runner..still =)

dont mind me starting this post with some camwhore pics =)

Sport's day's was a so-so event.
for the record, Green house won perbarisan again and Red won the cheerleading comp again.
anyways,see this?

well,the story was..i actually took part in the teacher's event
it was 8x50m and i kinda betrayed my own house ( well not actually,coz i'm no longer in blue house).so anyway,i ran for GREEN house!
i did not plan2 run for them but since they asked me i said yes to their request =)
so thr was me,Cik Haryani who was unbelievably a speedo( she can really sprint weih!), Cik Marsita who can really run too, another malay teacher, yeow kiat and Vehbashen.
the girl teachers each ran 50m and the boys ran 100m each.
the race started off real good for our team coz Cik Haryani who was the 1st runner ran at a really high speed. and of course,i ran like hell. result: my legs are aching! T.T

till then,gotta run now.

Monday, April 6, 2009

help me decide!

i've been surfing this website for quite some time
i thought of getting a bag online instead of buying it from shops
i got this web from a friend of mine, most of the bags are both cheap and nice!
however,i cant decide which to buy. =.=
so,i need your help. give me suggestions!
i'd be so thankful for your help =)

1) i kinda like this the most. but i dont know which colour suits me more

blue/white or bronze?

2) this is quite similar to the 1st design.

3) this is something different from the two above. it's slightly bigger in size.
i like the white most

well? what do u think? i have to order before 9/4/2009 if i really do wana buy
help me =D

Friday, April 3, 2009

i'm soooo in love(again)

oh yes,u've guessed it again
i'm in love with not just one but 2 guys!
one of them is none other than Adam Lambert from American Idol 2009 !
he's so different from the others. his vocal works in almost every music genre.
be it rock, pop, sentimental, disco etc.he worked almost every per4mances!
not only that,he's good-looking as well! so hot that i bet almost every gal will melt when he sings.
one of my fav performances of his would be "Tracks of my tears"! really realy nice

next up, i 'm in love with the only Asian on the show- Anoop Desai!
he's an indian. he really can sing man. n he's cute too ;)

trust me,i was melted when i heard him sing this song:

-always on my mind-

well,i found out something really cool while u-tubing
this is a video featuring Anoop and a choir he's in i guess..not too sure.
anyway,he's the lead vocalist. there are so many other tracks that they;ve covered
and they are really good!

whoa..tht was one hell of good vocals there.
i really hope they could win. well one of them of course =)