Thursday, May 20, 2010

blogging live from Old Town

okay so practically im in Old Town now
had dinner just now but i dragged my sis here to have early supper.LOL
yea i am random i know
but life have just been so boring for me
so i wake up at 6am everyday to send my sister to school
and yea,seriously screw the traffic man! wth
i wake up in an OKOK mood but once i drive out of Puchong, i get stuck in massive jams really turn down my mood. so stressed ok
as i said earlier, once my mood got affected,i'll drive faster.=/
i know its really bad cuz its dangerous but i juz cant control my emotions.
especially when im driving.
ok so after sending my sis off,i'll reach home around 7.30am.
so what i do next is i go back to sleep.lolz
i'll probably wake up at noon.sometimes 12pm and sometimes 1pm.
i'll have lunch then i will head out again to fetch sis back from school.
yes,IN and OUT so many times in a day. it is boring,so boring that i am bored of driving.
but the MOST boring part is when i get home,i have nothing to do!
i have nothing to do so i decided to TAKE A NAP which lasts for 2hrs minimum.MINIMUM!
see,what a life i'm having right now.i know some of u are stressing out with finals and assignments now and u might envy me for the kind of relaxing life i am having right now.
but trust me,i'd be glad to exchange my life with u at this srsly.
and btw,mum have been suggesting that i take a trip back to Sabah during June's school holiday.
she said that i could help out with my granma since she juz had her operation done and bla bla instead of my mum going back 2 take care of my granma,i could be the one to be doing that along with my sis.
well idk,part of me wants 2 go thr for a getaway before i start my next sem.but another part of me tells that i needa grab hold of the time i have to earn hard cash.i needa work!
practically i am planning on a trip to Aussie next June along with JiaYu.
i am so looking forward to it cuz i get to travel overseas with my frens instead of my'll be so much fun.but 1st things 1st,i needa save up like ALOT.=.=
on another note,i am dissapointed lately. i've been sending resumes to many job posts but i haven't gotten any reply yet. how am i gona get to work asap?
thrs so much on my mind right i'm sory if this post is kinda rojak.
till then,imma blog real soon aight. in the mean time,follow me on Twitter.i update more on twitter than blogspot=)
hopefully i'll hv good news 2 share peeps.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Sunday

so i woke up feeling angry today
here's why..i was supposed 2 fetch granny around 12pm today
but my bro was going out at 1pm
so i'd reckon that he can give my granny a lift since they're on the same route.
well,end up i have to drive all the way to OUG to send my granny
its not tht i hate sending my grannybut helo, cant my bro at least send her off since it's on the way?=.=i was kinda pissed that i sped again.i dont know why but i always let me emotions control me when im driving
when i start to be angry,i'll drive faster. swt
damn unhealthy i know.=(anyway,i came back,did some chores and had a long nap.
damn long ok.4 hours.=.=it was so effing hot tht i was feeling dizzy.
was supposed 2 wake up at 4 to join chokang for badminton at 5pm
but i told him i couldnt make it.
so sory but i was feeling lazy tht time.
so i woke up at 6pm,water the ready and headed 2 Sunway Pyramid with sis for dinner.
had dinner at Fullhouse

the cute menu ;)

love their deco so much!

outfit of the day ;)

camwhored in my fav shop-Cotton On

me likey this chio sunnies;)

bought this-The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

i am so gona start working soon.
kinda broke now and my shopping mode is so on.T.T
i just cant stop buying stuff.
parents are coming back tmr.cant wait.
been eating out for the whole week now.damn sien ok.
btw! most of my final results are out.

Application of Computer-A

still yet to come out is Marketing.
hope my cgpa is as good as last sem's.
till then,adiossss

Thursday, May 13, 2010

pictorial post

there u go
this is what u get when yours truly is bored
oh well,kinda having the good hair day
everything seems to go well with the camwhore process.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010


hey guys
sory for the lack of updates
holiday has been OK for me.
it was supposed 2 be fun and exciting
but i duno..with bee away.he's having short sem btw
all i do everyday is staying in,watching HIMYM and doing nth much.

oh and mum's away too. =(
granny was admitted into the emergency room on Monday night.
Mum got so worried tht she flew back to Sabah on Tuesday morning.
so i had to take on the responsilibity. take over all my mum's job
tht includes sending my sis to sch early in the morning and fetching her back from sch in the afternoon,cleaning the house,washing the clothes,etc..
all of the work tht u can imagine as a housewife does daily is what i had to do basically.
anyway,all tht im hoping now is that my granny gets better and my mum to come back
its different with mum away from home =(

celebrated HuiXin babe 21st yday night at Sanook Restaurant,Kelana Jaya.
finally a night out with the bunch.
hung out and chit-chatted along. it was reli nice.
we dropped by at Sunway Pyramid to have a drink after dinner.
chilled at Republic bar.
pictures are with Yiny,Jxi and Jiayu.
as usual,we camwhored like alot.LOL

thts basically the updates..
not really in the mood these days.
bear with me okay.

p.s: I NEED JOB!