Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Text From A Friend

'Omg i saw a gal who look like u darling
Goodie goodie with sweet smile
Miss you!'

I got this msg this afternoon from Miss Tiny aka Winnie Ti

we were so young..

then we got older..

till we look matured n pretty =p

gosh,i then realized i really do miss her.
very much indeed.
we didnt get to meet up during the recent raya break
as she was busy with her cousin's wedding
i'm looking forward for the Nov/Dec holiday dear
i'm done with Math assignment!
Tennis and moral on the way ;)
had a sweet short chat on the phone with bee juz now
he really did light up my day =)

going for Tennis class in an hour time
moral class at night.really hate it!
btw,im currently hooked on a song
'Fireflies' by Owl City.

Monday, September 28, 2009

back to school

i am back to school alright..well not really cause i dont actually have classes till wednesday. u must be wondering then why the hell i came back to uni on sunday when i could've come back on wednesday instead.i made this decision to come back this soon just so i can finish all of my assignments which are due within this 2 weeks. most of them are group assignments due this friday.GAHHH i actually woke up at 1pm this afternoon.OMIGOSH. this is really not good.had a light brunch and started with my work. well,the assignments that's left are only Tennis, Math and stupid pointless Moral assignment. i can never understand why are we spending time on the Moral assessments. seriously, i get so annoyed each and everytime i rush my ass off to finish up the summaries and comments. i'd prefer the moral lessons back in secondary school although all we did were memorizing moral values.HAHA. thinking back those days..life was so much easier. =/

watched Tsunami,the recent Korean movie. i'd give a rating of 6/10. there were some touching parts where i was holding back my tears.i did cried in a few scenes.AWW.. but there were some parts which got me laughing coz it was really silly. and the effects were so-so.u can really tell the difference between a korean movie and a movie made in Hollywood.seriously,thr's a BIG diff. but overall,not bad;)

pictures taken today:

with berber


siew lee=)

had some serious conversation with bee juz now.we were discussing bout my sabah trip during Chinese New Year next year..see,i was supposed to be in Sabah for the whole week of my holiday.but it's more likely that Bee will not be joining me this time as he's not too sure bout his holiday and he might have work to do by tht time.Everyone's busy except me huh.=( Well,we've talked long enough and come to a conclusion that i cut short on my Sabah trip.it's the best solution.however i still needa talk 2 mum bout this tmr. hopefully it'll work.

it's 2.13am now and i think i needa head to bed now. i noticed my eyebags are becoming worse.ARGHH.

nitenite everyone;)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ghostly Addicted

U cannot believe this but i bought myself a ghostly book

The Ghosts of the World.
i was with bee at the popular yday nite while waiting for the movie to start
we were watching G-force by the way
oh,if u ask me.i dun like that movie.
really,it's too childish for me
the storyline didnt work,typical enough
and bah,what more can four rodents possibly do to save the world.=.=
the jokes were kinda funny though.Some of it.
even ICE AGE 3 is way more cool to watch

so anywayyyy
we were at the Popular cause bee wanted to buy some engineering book
and he came across this book on the shelf.
he showed it to me and i was like damn,i really have to get this book!
and yes,i did spent 30bux on this book =D
i'm gonna have a good read on the ghosts of the world
and mayb i'll be one of the best Ghost stories teller.HAHAA!

our 2nd anniversary's tmr <3

Friday, September 18, 2009


i look fat with this haircut.

its holiday and i'm back home once again =)
i love being home since there's no place like home
there's so much to do and so much to eat
i arrived on thursday and on friday itself,i actually went out shopping with mummy at sunway pyramid.haha
talk bout eventful
i wasnt really in the mood though.i just dont know why
as a result,i bought only one blouse.
was thinking of buying more since it's been a while since i last shopped
and plus,the clothes in johor are kinda..ahemm,u noe
but anyway,mum brought me to this Thai bazaar near tesco
that;s where i bought a jeans which cost me only 30bux!
and 2 shirts rm10 each
talk bout cheap yea.

met up with bee at nite,he's back from johor.just a day later than me=)
had dinner at his hse. gosh,i miss him so much!
i'm happier by then knowing we have one week to spend before we both leave to johor again next sunday =/
lets not be sad now.hehe

btw,i found some really cool songs
despite me being stucked all the way in johor,i managed to stil catch up with the latest songs on radio
but now that i;m back home i get to really browse thru all the songs and download them
the 1st one would be Boys Like Girls feat Taylor Swift-"2 is better than 1"
really nice one. love it!
oh and i didnt realise Blair from Gossip Girl aka Leighton Meester can sing!
she actually sang with Cobra Starship in 'Good Girls go bad"
thts so cool! love the song too
and i found a really hot guy! WOOHOO
he's only 20yrs old,an australian.
singer/songwriter/and multi-instrumentalist.
damn hot ok
take a look:

see,told u=)

i found his video on utube.
he looks godlike in this video.so perfect! <3 width="425" height="344">

next up,a really cute little boy with a great voice
he's only 15yrs old if im not mistaken.
here's him singing one of his song in acoustic version.
i'd prefer this version than the ori coz ori's more hip hop.

oh watch this,this is him singing cry me a river
he's so small holding that huge guitar.HAHA
really cute wtf
he's like a younger David Archuleta

he plays the piano too!
gosh.so damn pro man

another new song is 'She is Love' by Parachute.
this band from the states is really good
i browse thru their songs on utube
n surprisingly,i dled almost every songs of theirs after listening on utube
give it a try=)

last but not least,try also All American Reject's "The wind blows"
and Kelly clarkson 'Already gone'
but these two songs kinda emo.so..hehe=)

p.s: Big Apple's got new flavours but i dont like them
i want my moonraker and snowy.
now no more already TT

Saturday, September 12, 2009

i cut my hair again

me and my housemates were planning to go for a haircut today

and so we did.

i spent only RM12 on my haircut

damn cheap rite

normally i hv 2 pay RM30+ for a haircut in KL.

here's the result.

not really satisfying though =/

tell me whyyyy

have to wait for another 2months or so before it's long again.TT

Friday, September 11, 2009

counting down the days=)

yes yes,juz another 6days more and i'm heading back home!
just finished with my moral test
i have to say,i was kinda upset with myself
i took a really short nap this afternoon just so i can finish up my moral notes before the test starts
however,of all the 30 ques.i managed 2 answer only half of it confidently =/
how not to be dissapointed.
oh well,now tht i'm done with moral.
i still have management test on monday,math quiz on wed.
and i also have my MOT assignment 2 finish and Management group assignment.
last saturday,i attended the Prom Night.
it was a so-so event actually.
alot ppl turned up and i must say,thr were alot who surprisingly looked so much prettier and hotter after getting make up and their hair done.
the food was ok and the programmes were little lame though
there was this part where we get to be asked 2 dance by
i was asked by a really funny looking guy.
im not trying 2 be mean but..u noe what i mean
i didnt wana dance with him but i was trying 2 be nice by saying yes
it was so dreadful ok.i was so shy
and i didnt even wana look at him while dancing
i just wanted the moment to end so soon
oh well,the prom king was unexpectedly Freedie Ho! HAHA
and prom queen was Yen Xin,a fellow coursemate of mine=)
pretty girl.
us with the prom queen=)
i really liked my hairdo.
i spent only rm15 overall for my hairstyle
and FOC for the dress coz i pinjam from Yvonne=)
and we actually did our own makeup
getting more pro =p

from the back

from the side

me with yvonne

with bernice
thts basically some of the updates
more 2 come=)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

university life is taking its toll on me


as i'm bout 2 begin

i'm still stuck here in this small town of Parit Raja

nothing much is happening here

except that i have lots of assignments due within this month,

never ending tests and quizzes

and also the Prom Night which is happening this saturday night!

tht's the only event that i'm excited about

atleast i get to dress up and camwhore like nobody's business =)

well actually i have accounting test tmr at 8am!

i'm so gonna die..TT

probably bcuz i have no basics in accounting

and i hate accounting to the core!

screw those people who invented accounts

seriously i cant imagine people wanting to bcum accountants as their career

it's juz too painful. =/

anyways,here are some photos taken last night after the moral


we actually dressed up for the 1st time


ok,thts bout it

gota resume my accounting revision

i'm so screwed up><