Monday, August 17, 2009


it totally change my perception on Joe Jonas alright

Friday, August 14, 2009

i've got a new phone!

so after 2 weeks of living with my other Nokia phone.
the one without camera,colour and mp3 player.
i finally got myself a brand new slim handphone
it's the sony ericsson w890i
as u can see from the pictures,
it's really slim.
this is the side and the back view

and this is the front.
i actually had few choices of handphone before actually buying this
there was w595,c510 and the latest w508 but none of them was w890i
when i got to the shop,the guy intro me w890
he said w595's a slide phone and over some time,i might have some trouble with the slide thingy
u noe,we're so used 2 sliding it everytime we wana make a call or send msgs that the upper cover may lose its flexibility.
ahhhh,i'm not really good in explaining phone features.
im a noob u see when it comes to handphones.
well,wats important is i'm happy with my new phone
it's slick n stylish and most of all,it has a 3.2mp camera! =D

i have so many things to do this 1 week holiday
i needa get my prom dress,meet up with my frens,do my revision
tests in less than 2 weeks time!
and also get a new haircut..AGAIN
i'm kinda happy with my current hairstyle
but i'd prefer it to be shorter
just like the girl in the photo below( i stealed this photo from SuetLi's blog) hope she dont mind
second from the left,nice kan?

saya mau!! TT

btw,MTV WORLD STAGE is happening tomorrow! =D
i'm gona have a blastful evening rocking out with AAR,HOOBASTANK and BLG!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


yes,u've guessed it
MTV world stage,here i come =D
btw,bro might be per4ming pre event.

Friday, August 7, 2009

boring weekend

well,this is the first weekend i'm staying in hostel ever since i came here
for the past few weekends,i've been travelling back home to KL and last week i was away in Malacca =)
so i woke up pretty late this morning coz i slept in late last nite trying to finish my assignments
me and my housemates decided to stop by our uni's pesta konvo coz we've never been to any of these events
and we juz found out thrs this Konsert RTM tmr nite,Dato Siti Nurhaliza will be per4ming!
yes,the wifey of Datuk K is coming to my uni!
but i'm not sure if we're going coz we dont hv transport from my hostel to the main campus

and thrs this concert i'm dying to go.
i knew the All American Rejects is coming
but i juz found out few days ago that Boys Like Girls is coming too!
omg.i sooo wana go i tel u
those 2 bands are my fav bands for all time
plz plz,any1 with extra tix.spare me one =)
i'd be delighted 2 belanja u anything;)

alrite,its time to revise my management and accounting
i have test and quiz next week.=(


yes,i am half dead finishing my assignments due next week
i have morale summary,managment assignments, and morale group discussion
wat more,i have both accouting and management quizzes next week!
why lah muz the lecturer give us a hard time before we actually can enjoy our 1 week midsem break
btw,i'm cmin home on the 14th which is next fri! bought the 2.30pm bus ticket so will reach KL by 5.30pm according to schedule

oh and i'm currently stuck in the library coz my class ended at 12pm 2day and the bus that i normally take to go back to my hostel will be leaving at 12.30pm. and u noe what,there's freaking alot of students wanting to get back to hostel but there;s only ONE bus it's impossible for me to stuck my ass into the bus since no one will be queuing up.and it will be a total mass.
but the thing is i was outside the library from 1-2.50pm coz apparently the library was closed.the staffs needa take their breaks n solat yadda yadda.
so i was out there suffering the hotness coz i was wearing long sleeves.ARGHH
however,i tried to concentrate on my assignments n WALAA,i've finished most of it=)

OHHHHH,another important note
my uni has 3 H1N1 cases!
and i heard the case was in my hostel.
gosh,u noe how scared n worried i was when i found out bout it?
but our uni has decided not to cancel classes as the convo will be held tmr.and plus the holiday's juz a week away.
so i guess i'll hv 2 take precautions by wearing masks to sch.
god bless me.

wow,i juz realise i hv so much to rant about.
so this is the story,
the other day me and my frens were walking out of my hostel passing thru the guard house to the nearby restaurant to take our dinner as we have morale class at night.i was halfway when i realised i wasnt wearing my sweater(juz to let u noe, i was once warned bout my TOO-SHORT-SLEVE shirt by one of the guards).so to avoid any scolding and warnings,i decided to climb back up to my room which was at the 4th floor to take my sweater.when i came back down,i was stopped by the Pengetua of my hostel.she's the somewhat head of the hostel or something la
so she stopped me and asked me if i knew wat was wrong with my outfit.i said NO coz seriously i hv no idea coz i was wearing my skinny jeans(it's long) and a normal tshirt with my sweater on.
i was like WTF's juz a lil tight and it's long ok.thrs nothing wrong with wearing tight jeans coz i'm all covered anyway.its not like im wearing MINI SKIRTS.
i dun understand why our uni is so strict bout our appearance.btw,they actually banned students from colouring hairs.even UM has students with coloured hairs and students who wear short pants to classes lah
so she said i hv 2 options,one is to go back and change or she'll issue a summon.
of coz i chose the 1st one lah.i dont wana pay RM50 for something stupid and unneccasary
so then again,i climbed back up to my room n changed into a track bottom.
u wouldn't imagine how frustrated i am.

okay,thts bout be continued=)