Saturday, February 28, 2009


i can't help but to be emo these few days
looking at these pics..i realize how things have changed since we left secondary school
we used to quarrel..but in the end,we will be as close as ever

i miss u girls

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Little Britain

wonder why i'm so damn hooked on this bloody comedy?
watch these

and u'll know why =)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

byebye my goodfren

it has been 3 days since my best friend packed her bags and left to the land full of racism-Australia
we've come to know each other back in Form1.we were in the same class.
she was this regular girl.with curly hairs
we never talked much then.
not until we both got into the Prefectorial Board.
we started talking more but there were never outings or hang outs.
till we're in form 3.things started to get real good.
we were kinda close then.started sharing thoughts and feelings.
and i find she's a cool girl with lots of thoughts to herself.
she's very active.outspoken.playful.honest
of all the people i know,she's been one of the funniest person to hang out with
she'd sing and laugh out loud
she'd help u if u ever needed her
she'd pick up your call at 6 in the morning just bcuz u needed to talk to her
she'd hug u cause she loves to do so
i would never forget u my dear friend.

as u can see,we were both real nerdy-looking back then

the day we took our spm result

our first trip together-Genting in form 4

life after spm

a week before her departure

the day she left

time has changed how we looked but it doesnt change the fact that u're my best friend
as time passes,u will be my best friend still.
i love u dear.till we meet again=)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sabah-Land below the wind

yes,here i am as promised.
tons of pics and stories awaiting =)
to start everything off, i'd like to post a pic of me on the plane.
haha. duh,its obvious that my trip had to start with me taking a flight to sabah eh

yes,its the AirAsia and definitely not comfortable T.T
when i reached KK,it was already in the evening.
apparently,my grandma was having a House Warming party at night
most of my relatives turned up
it was ok overall but i was bloody tired as i did not get much sleep the night before

the next day,we went 1Borneo.the latest,biggest hypermarket in East Msia
the mall is quite similar to Mid Valley but slightly smaller in scale.
they have basically everything there. shops and restaurants where u can find in KL
later at night,my cousin Eshley invited us for dinner at a Western food restaurant near his house
the food was pretty nice.price's reasonable.
and oh,after dinner.i actually went to a nearby Cyber Cafe with my cousins
how going to a CC. well i just did =D

the following day which is Thursday.
we drove all the way to Kudat-the tip of Borneo.
its my 2nd time being there.still, i find the place as beautiful as it ever was
we stayed there for the night at a local hotel.
here's pictures of us at the tip of borneo

family pic

ee,bibii,ryu,tut tutt and me!

me with me cousin

after that,another 3mins drive n we reached a nearby beach

how beautiful,the sunset

its me

me fooling around

my art work! =p


so thats bout it.
i'll be back for more on the following days!

Friday, February 6, 2009

i'm back!!

hey guys!
i just got back from Sabah yday
and yet,i have to work today T.T
i'm so sory but i have to postpone the post on my Sabah trip
will blog real soon k
stay tuned.lotsa pics and stories to tell =)