Wednesday, May 28, 2008


currently listening to:
'time of my life' by David Cook
'dare you to move' by Switchfoot

here i am..
i've got nbtd that i started fixing puzzles
how random ><

after=) cemerlang weih

i was halfway thru finding the pieces,
then i got so bored n started watching Step Up2
the dance scenes was damn chun!
and...the main actor-Chase was really really cute..*tsk tsk*
oh i almost 4got,i actually watched Atonement before that
mind u,the movie was lil boring so i decided
to stop it halfway

new book alert:

she's the author of my all time fav 'PS I LOVE U'
sigh,i havent even watched the movie yet coz the dl progress is running damn slow
for a minute it was showing really good progress and when i'm starting to hope that i'll get to watch it by tonite,it stucks at only 37%..wth
and of coz,
im waiting for my beloved-devil-woman-fren
TY to help me burn the movie into cd
since she's finished dling n she just cant stop telling me how hot Gerard Butler is
tough luck T.T
anyway,im at the 115th page of this new book.really nice
and wats so great about this book is tht
ITS Only rm19.90 and it's 3.5cm thick!! rite xD


any1 care to join me to this event??
of coz,u dont need to wear bikinis or swimming trunks
but if u're not shy of showing off ur *ahem* body, tht wont be a prob also
so anyway,there will be per4mances by local acts
and also!! the Seventeen Summer Hunks and Cover Girl finalists will be there!!
i've got 3tix(its FOC!)..why wait??

date:7-6-08 (its a saturday)
time: 1pm-8pm

ok,thts bout it
i'm done blogging for 2day

Monday, May 26, 2008

i'm yours

juz a video:

-one of my fav song by Jason Mraz

gosh,i really feel like goin on a vacation
the place's gorgeous!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wild Roses

"Maybe love,too,is beautiful because it has a wildness that cannot be tamed.
I don't know. All i know is that passion can take you up like a house of cards in a tornado, leaving destruction in its wake. Or it can let you alone because you have built a stone wall against it,set out the armed guards to keep it from touching you. The real trick is to let it in,but to hold on. To understand that the heart is as vast and wide as the universe, but that we come to know it best from here,this place of gravity and stability,where our feet can still touch ground."

from Deb Caletti's Wild Roses


finally,i finished reading Wild Roses
took me months just bcuz of the mid year exam.
the book was simply inspirational
it wasnt all too cheesy coz its not just about romance
i find the book interesting in a way that there's something different featured in it.
i'm still downloading P.S I Love You the movie
i sooo wana watch it since i've read the book
funny how the progression's running really slow >< style="font-style: italic;">sleeveless tops,ate french toast,drank milk tea,n had soy bean mango dessert.yumyum

thts all peeps,
gotta run

p.s: hope everythin goes well

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

i dont buy OLD stuff

does this look 'OLD' to you?
okok, so i bought this the other day
got so bored of studyin that i followed mum to Jusco
i wasnt planning on shopping yet since holiday's just a week to go
apparently,Jusco's having this mid-year sales
where you can get lingerie for as cheap as 10 bux!
n yes, i couldnt resist when i saw this Carlo Rino hand beg
it was gorgeous to me
plus,the price was reasonable
after 50% discount=)
however,when i got home n started asking for comments
i got all negative feedbacks=(

'omg..y u buy this kinda beg? so damn old laa'
'doesnt suite u at all'
' old looking'

yadda yadda~ really does look old on me huh?
oh well,i'd still love the beg anyway =p

oh yea,juz finished watching AI final
n i hv a strong feeling tht David A. is gonna win this season
he was really good indeed.but i can't deny David C. was hot too
however,based on vocal per4mance,DavidA. wins the night
we'll juz gotta wait n see
results show's tmr...*nervous*

thts all for now
stil,more to come

Friday, May 16, 2008


the shirt's here people!
we can sama-sama wear it already