Tuesday, July 29, 2008

worst day of my life..

today is really the worst day of my life
i almost got dehydrated juz bcuz i cried twice in school
i was in really good mood in the morning
thinking bout having to play for the interclass volleyball match
just 2 let u noe,6a3 kena kantoi for like twice.
we missed the badminton n basketball match.
so 2day,win or lose..
we'd still play even though none of the girls in our class
actually play volleyball
however,i must've got up at the wrong side of the bed.
Pameran Day just ended yday.Thank God!
and i was so relieved..i can finally concentrate on my studies
seeing tht i'm seriously far behind almost every1 in my class
Pn Wong was looking for me during WOB's class.
obviously i cant juz walk out of the class..
i'll so gona get scolded..
n so i waited till math period was over
and i looked for pn wong
here's the news:
i was like..
didnt i had enuff already?
didnt we all had enuff already??
gosh..i was ok actually
i asked if we can juz reject this offer
coz i was seriously not in the mood to stay back everyday this week
juz so we can perform something up to standard next monday
helo,we hv only 3days left till next monday
n we're told to perform the songs we sang for the intersch choir competition
tht was like 4months ago la !
how am i supposed 2 call up all the members
and ask them 2 stay back AGAIN

after that,
i went back to class
talked 2 TY
n i dunno wat went wrong,
i broke down n cried.............
yes,during Pn Lim's class..i was sobbing
n i sobbed my 2 period away
i was really stressed
n i was sorry to shut bee out
i cant even handle my own emotions,
how am i supposed to cry into his arm in class?
i needed him tht time..
he was trying to talk 2 me when he noticed sth was wrong
but i ignored him instead
n he thought i was being mad=(
i hate it everytime when i do tht

so anyway,
the problem was settled
i talked to pn wong after recess
n she agreed to reject the offer
she was tired too afterall
all of us needed a break.

okay,so after that
i was feeling alot better.
but then..after sch.
the major drama happened.
before it was our turn 2 play,
6 of us decided to practise near the hall
coz most of us havent really played since long ago
n then..sigh
i was so into catching the ball,
i dint noticed i was standing near the Squared drain.
the next thing u noe,
shirley dissapeared out of a sudden.
she fell into a drain
mind u,
it didnt hurt tht much.
i had no serious injuries.
but i kinda sprained my ankle.
n it hurts.
oh yea,i almost missed the crying part.
i did cried,in the drain
but it wasnt bcuz of the pain i felt
its bcuz of the shock tht hit me
AND..the stinky dirty smelly oily drain water
i almost felt like puking right in the drain
but then i realised i had to get the hell outta tht stupid squared drain
thanks to the counselor,
i had slippers to wear
thanks to TY,
my bruises r protected from germs
thanks to bee,
i got out of the drain
but thanks to the drain,
i had to miss illegal tuition

laugh urself away
i noe i was the joke of the day
but hey,
after the incident..
i actually played for our class!
r u not impressed with my semangat kesukanan?

here's two pics of my nasty bruises n scars:

here's one on my thigh

and another one on my hand

oh yea,
i'll blog about pameran soon
wait till i get pics from TY

and nuuuuuuuu
chem test tmr


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

whee whoo

finally, i achieved something higher than expected!
i got a BAND 5 for my muet test!!
that means i can save 60bux
coz i dont have to retake the year end paper =)

btw, after racing against time for 3days.
i finished reading 'My Sister's Keeper'.
i had to rush like hell coz TY was supposed to return the book on Tuesday
so last weekend,i was left wif 200+ pages for just 2days!
mind you,i'm a slow reader >< the story was excellent! rated 9 out of 10

thts bout all..
stil more to come=)

Monday, July 14, 2008

10 days later..

10 days later..im feeling unwell
i'm really worried
about my life and my studies
y am i such a lazy bum?
when everyone seems to be studying like hell at this very crucial moment,
i'm procrastinating,wasting my time away daydreaming
when i cud've studies for the weekend from sunrise til sunset..i did not
i was barely in the mood to read up BIO notes and to work on my sucky physical chem
can someone plz juz motivate me? i seriously am in need of help =(
is it so hard to do what we want?
n why do human beings get bored easily doing the same old thing and they start to lose the interest and crave for others instead?
i'm sure after stpm when i'm busy working while waiting for the results,i'll surely miss how i studied like a mad person for this 1 and a half year..
but right now,i just feel like doing anything but studying ><
and i dont know wth is wrong with me..plz juz let me noe if im being a total control freak=(

help help help T.T

p.s: i am really worried about Music Club's per4mance on Hari Pameran

sometimes,i wished i didnt exist

Friday, July 4, 2008

i am not an animal killer

dear readers,
be hold..
u might not wana read this

two lovely rats trapped in the cage

may they rest in peace

oh no,dont think so.the suffer begins

skin slit off T.T

naked rat ><


floating in formalin

few rats

lotsa rats *mine's the one wif the orange stomach=)

me wif the rat



me and chih

lai mun n steph

sophie n michelle

so,thats basically what bio students were doing last monday.
it was really fun=)

here's sum of the gifts i got from my frens:

from kah mun who's leaving to Canada this sunday

from redang

from bee=)

from paris by chih

last but not least,
a pic of me wif one of my besties.Xin

gotta run,

17weeks more T.T