Wednesday, January 28, 2009

all the way from Sabah!

hey guys..
u must be wondering how am i able to be blog when i'm supposed to be on vacation rite trips are scheduled to start tomorrow.
we first planned to drive all the way to Sandakan tomorrow.
it'll take us 6hours to reach there.
SO..if we do go,it'll be extremely tiring and we wont be back on time in KK
and i cant fetch bee from airport this saturday.
in the end,they decided to go Kudat-the tips of Borneo.
i've been there once.NICE place but damn HOT.
so anyway,my flight here was OK.
i finished Eclipse-third book of Twilight series on the plane
hahahahah.i'm really hooked on the series man!
oh yea,for the flight got delayed.AS ALWAYS~
AirAsia's good at delaying flights.
hmm..nothing much to talk bout.
wait till i get back from my trips eh =)
take care peeps!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

this year,it will be a little different
as i'll be leaving to the other side of M'sia on the 2nd day of CNY
i'm very looking forward to this trip
it'll be a desired getaway =)
Bee will be meeting me there on the 6th day.
it'll be his 1st time getting on a plane ALONE! haha
sure to be a funny experience for him.
anyhoo,i hereby wishes everyone a Happy happy joyful CNY
be safe and have heaps of fun!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

ups and downs

alright,since school starts at 2.20pm today
i have spare time to tell u guys a story
a story of a Secondary School teacher.
On the first day of school, I was really nervous of course
i did not know what to expect in school.
so i reached there around 12.35pm and i went to see Ms Ng
she's the person in charge of basically everything
i got the time table and i was like WHAT?
i have to teach BM and PJK too?
however i then found out that those two periods are just relief
so i'm still taking Art and Moral only la
the 1st thing on my mind when i got the time table
i was trying to figure out what to teach the kids when i enter class
coz i have nothing in mind!
no one taught me how.and my 1st class will start in 20mins!
so in this 20mins,i went to see Pn Chin who's in charge of ART
and luckily she gave me some notes and a text book
and she said just followed exactly la
sigh, i was still damn nervous! i must tell u that i am really no good in art okay
so anyway,i told myself to stay calm and be spontaneous.
they are just form1 kids anyway,shudn't be that hard
when i got into the class.most of them are malays
they were like 'cikgu siapa ni' ,'cikgu ajar seni ke?','cikgu nama ape?'
so i introduces myself and started with the lesson.
the class went smoothly.i was kinda relieved. =)
it was then that i thought teaching wasn't so bad after all

for the last 2 periods,i entered a good class.1A11
apparently they have not started with anything
so i wrote some notes on the board and asked them to copy
that was then that i kinda embarrassed myself
i actually copied the notes from a sample Pn Chin gave me
i wrote 'PENSIL' instead of 'PENSEL' on the board
and one of the student asked me:'cikgu,pensil macam ini tulis meh?'
then i was like..Eiihh,something wrong kah?
u see,i kinda forgot most about BM already
and when he asked me i was seriously blank
so i told him to just copy
few mins later......another student asked me again
'cikgu,bukan pensel meh?'
at that point,i kinda realized that it was actually PENSEL! i erased it and wrote pensel.=.=
i was a total embarassement T.T

thts bout it
i have to go now,laugh all u want

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i'm dying...

i'm officially a secondary school teacher now
i'm in no mood to tell how i rejected the other interview and got this job
being a teacher is no easy job
i really need time to get used to this
btw,i'm teaching ART and MORAL.
u won't ever imagine how's it like to teach ART when u're no good in it urself
tell me bout it *sigh*

Sunday, January 18, 2009


whoa..what a weekend!
woke up early on saturday morning,fetched sis to Sri Petaling LRT.
she was heading to Kasturi anyway.
then,came home and started getting ready.
changed and went out again. fetched eileen and headed to Esso to meet up with the rest.
then,we drove all the way to Ara Damansara.

it was so fun to meet all of them after so long.
missed those days when we were all busy handling stuffs in the Prefectorial Board.
of all the quarrels back then,we're closer than ever now.
only 9 turned up,others were busy.

mua babes!

we ate in a Steamboat restaurant. we got the VIP room.sweet=)
the food was ok.

reached home around 6pm.cleaned up,changed
and went out again to Legend Hotel with mua family

we had Japanese Buffet at Gen Restaurant.
food was ok too. kinda pricy though.RM70 per pax

the next morning,got up early
picked bee and sis's fren up and we reached Sunway Pyramid at bout 11am
luckily it wasnt reli packed.
but it was one of my worst shopping day

lunch at Carl's Jr

coz u now what? i was having my period!
i didnt realized till i reached home
my stomach can really be so nasty tht i can just simply throw up
and start puking.
luckily i was fine while shopping.
it wasnt til i got home and i started to feel so dizzy
and i was suffering from real menstrual pain!
no wonder i wasnt in the mood to shop yday
i went round walking for like 5 hours but all i got was 3 clothes,a pants,a heels,a sandals,a necklace
i tried on so many clothes but most of all i did not like em
i must've chosen the wrong day to shop
but still,with CNY just a week away
yday was the only day bee will be free to teman me
i was having really bad temper yday
i guess bee was kinda annoyed
coz whenever i choose a clothe to try,i will just walk away once i see that i hv to queue up for the fitting room
how frustrating!
but i'm kinda happy though coz i freaking bought two MNG clothes! and also a RipCurl clothes
i wanted to buy a pair of heels from NOSE.
but..aihz.i wasnt lucky.apparently,they only have one pair left.
i dont really mind but when i check the heels,it wasnt really in good condition
=( so i ended up buying another heels.not my fav but still boleh tahan la

MNG baby T


Rip Curl prairie singlet

Banana Peel flip flop

a cropped jeans from a warehouse


necklace-rm10 only!!!

love the pendant

tht's bout it. i still needa do some shopping.
i need a denim mini skirt!
and a pump too. T.T
might be going MV tmr

p.s: i still hv some silly pics taken at Legend Hotel to upload =D

Friday, January 16, 2009

back again

thank god,
i saved my blog! =)
it's got a brand new look now.hehe
anyways,i did not went for the 1st interview today.
i decided to not go coz the place is too far for me.
i wont have a car to drive to work cause my mum will have to fetch my sis and all..
so she'll have to fetch me to and back from work.
OUG is just too far for me
about the 2nd interview.
it SUCKS alot.
i went to this tuition centre.and the interviewer was a gal.she's a year or two older than me
gosh,for 45mins she kept talking bout how good it is for me to study in S'pore
i mean WTH? i'm here to interview for a job as secretary here in your tuition centre
and there u are talking away about some study plan in which i dont think i'll ever consider
i wasted my time there listening to you counseling me!
so after that,i decided to drive around bdr puteri.
i called up every Law Firm tht i see and i asked if they have vacancies for general clerk
out of the 10 tht i called,about 8 said NO.
thr's only a few which took my number and said they'd call me if they need me.
i did went for a walk-in interview at a law firm
they went thru my resume and i told them tht i have no plan to further my study at the moment (lie lie la) hehe. they were suprised when they saw my SPM result cert.they were like.'your results are really good,its a waste for u to be a clerk here.' yada yada yada
i had to convince them that i really need this work.
but they said they'll ask around since the position that they are looking for is Conveyancing Clerk.
oh wel,tht sums up my day
btw,i freaking bought a BARBIE DOLL!
i'll blog bout it later.
gtg now!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


im sooooooo sory guys
SHIT! whr is my old template??
i was so bored that i decided trying out on BlogSkin
and see wat i got myself into?
shucks! i'll have to reformat my blog skin tomorrow
since i have to get some sleep now
i have two bloody interviews tomorrow!
shoot me -.-


yaya,its about my JOB again.
i noe it kinda bores u to see me mumbling over and over again bout my jobs
but i have no choice but to spill it all out here =p
yes,i am trying to convince myself to be strong again
today,i woke up early,got ready
and i went out on a mission
a mission to get at least one interview
i went round walking here and there.
yes,i walked for like 90mins
trying to look for any 'VACANCY' signs along the shops
unfortunately,the result was NONE.
i was dead tired,damn thirsty and really hungry =(
however,i tried calling Great Eastern and yes!
they have vacancy.but the head wasnt in
so i filled up a form and they said they'll call me
i wasnt putting much hope in it.
i really cant afford another rejection no more
and then,when i got home,i ran thru the paper
and called up a Tuition Centre and a Leather Company
i was asking for General Clerk position
they asked me to go for an interview tomorrow.
so yea,there u go.
i hv two interviews tmr! better than nth eh?
oh ya,i have to thank all of you who've helped me with the jobs
especially Xin,u've been really helpful.
i can never be more grateful than this =)
wish me luck!

p.s: i learned from a SILLY mistake that is i will not tell ppl that i'm working on a temporary basis for the coming interviews. *winks

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

so out of luck


gosh,the insurance company just called
and they said they dont want me
cause i can only work for 4months

i will have to find new jobs again
does it have to be so damn hard?
it seems that i dont have much luck with me
i dont get replies from Public Bank and the Kindergarten
and now i got rejected by ING.

p.s: something to cheer me up, Sunday will be my shopping day!
i have so much to buy!

till then,
pls pray that i get employed ASAP!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ad: Charming Belle

hey guys,
my aunt just started on an Online store thingy.
i'm here to help her promote=)
the products are really nice and they are all sold at reasonable prices
go visit ya!

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Friday, January 9, 2009

rihanna live in KL!

wow wow!
i just got the news.Rihanna is coming to KL and she's gona perform on 13th of Feb!
i heard the tickets are pricey. but i do hope to go watch her live.

anyways,if u're wondering how my interview went.
well, i can say that it was all smooth.
BUT, unfortunately i have to reject if they do call me
coz i was told that i will be the only staff in the office as its an insurance agency
and they only need a staff for those paper works, the agents will be out working
mum said it's dangerous for a girl to work in an office. imagine break-in.
i dont really mind though.but u noe,mum said NO means NO
how sad =(

so now i'm hoping to try for Yoke Nam.
hopefully they still need teachers and i can just end my job-hunting
and settle down with a job!
phew,damn tiring.

btw,check out this vid.
nice one =)

p.s: its not the official video though

h ya,almsot forgot.
check out Katy Perry's Thinking of you
song =)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

byebye to Cikgu Tan

why why why? do i hv to be so late?
y do i hv to wait till now? y din i tot of going back to Sentosa earlier?
now that they hv enough teachers,i think i'll hv to start searching for jobs AGAIN! T.T
i was walking around Puteri just now
results: i handed in an application as NURSE in a nearby clinic.yes..i wana try out for Nurse since i can learn something while working there. next,i got an interview as General Clerk at ING insurance company this friday.
oh well,i hv to hope for the best now.i needa get seriously!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

decision made

okay,after all the thinking and interviews.
i've made up my mind.i'd come up with the decision to work as a part time teacher in my very own secondary school.yup,thats rite..its Sentosa people! =.=
i actually went for an interview in Little Nobel this afternoon.its a kindergarten.
i was really hoping that i can at least can a job thr with good pay and a not-so-hectic-working hours. too bad.the pay was kinda low. 12hours job for only rm1000!
so,i decided to pass on tht. i tried calling my frens who are currently working as school teacher.
i called JiaYu first.she's working in Yoke Nam now. it seems that she isnt enjoying much with the work..n then i called HweiChih who is teaching the afternoon session in Sentosa.she sounded more convincing though.she said it's ok working thr.the pay's fine too.
so,the decision is made.i'm going back to sentosa tmr.
of all the places and jobs,i'm coming back to sentosa AGAIN.

wish me luck. =)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

1st pay in 2009!

im officially 150 bux richer!
thanks to my aunt who introduced me to a survey group
all i did was answering questions on studying abroad for an hour or so.
it did involved group discussions. we were exchanging ideas and opinions.
of coz,the questions weren't as easy as ABCs. it's practical to some extent.
bee joined there were 5 of us in a group including me n Bee.
it went smooth.but thrs a chinese gal in our group who doesnt speak much.
she's very much Chinese-based.but still,all of us got RM150 paid.
after the survey,me and bee went over to Mid Valley to kinda celebrate this event.
we went over to Zenmai Sushi and ordered as much as we can! lol.
its the best meal we ever had so far since we dont hv to worry bout our expenses. =)

btw.yday was JiaYu's 21st bday celebration. it was held at her house.
she invited most of her primary sch mates. and also secondary schmates
i met so much of my old frens. reminds me of the earlier days.
i stayed till quite late.way past my curfew.n i got scolded eventually.
i just dont get it.i'm not out doing something bad or illegal rite?
all i did was just hanging out at a fren's hse past midnight.
and plus i dont hv to drive home myself.i've got a guy to send me back.
my parents just cant understand me more. sometimes its so hard to just get out of the house and hv fun. i envy those of my frens who dont hv to rush back before midnight and go wherever they want to as long as they do report to their parents bout their whrabouts and take care of themselves well.
enough of the rants. i hv few pics to share.

yung yung

me,ning,chih and yx

mua babes.*hx wasnt thr =(

wif the pretty bday gal!

next post will be on Zenmai Sushi coz i dont hv my phone with me now and the pics are in thr.