Monday, November 26, 2007

true lovee

i was washing dishes d other day n mum asked me 2 go all d way 2 my bedroom 2 get Westlife's pirated new album..she seemed like she missed them so much..sadly,more than i do=.= n so i dried my hands n climbed d stairs d cd n get bac 2 washing dishes..>.< Westlife's known as d copycats coz they're so used 2 singing other ppl's song..but hey,i hv 2say..they're good in doing so! juz d 1st single 'Home' of d album is already so much better than Michael Buble's version! <3 so i dont care if u ppl out thr insult them like how i used to insult one of my classmate,Mr LCH! xD i'd still love them=) okay,so we were halfway through the album n it was then i came across a very touching song.its their 4th track of d 'Back Home'album--"Already There"..seriously,thrs tons of touching songs with lyrics tht would probably make u weep nowadays.n frankly speaking,sad n touchy songs nvr get me..however,tis song..tis particular somehow made me stopped washing dishes n i juz stood thr listening 2 d song..

"He called her on the road
From a lonely cold hotel room
Just to hear her say I love you one more time
But when he heard the sound
Of the kids laughing in the background
He had to wipe away a tear from his eye
A little voice came on the phone
Said daddy when you coming home
He said the first thing that came to his mind"

gosh..tis reminds me of my aunt who eventually lost her partner of life 2 yrs ago..i hv to tell u,its realy sad..i find it hard to get along wif n i cant imagine how much of pain my aunt has gone through through out the years.he has been one of my fav much fun i had with many trips we had been to together..n yet all of tht doesnt mean a thing now..he's gone with the wind for another woman..i juz dont understand how he could possibly leave the family for another person..i mean,why get married when u noe that u're not settled wif tht someone..when u noe u'll probably fall in love again..when u noe u juz dont love ur kids tht much tht u're willing to hurt them by leaving them..n why hv kids in the 1st place? alot of ppl dont get it,they fall in love in juz a second..n then they go coockoo in their heads that they ring d wedding bells in juz few months time like they're gona die in any second(juz like how they practise in Hollywood)=.= Ms Britney Spears is the perfect example..i feel sad for her kids.she's totally out of her mind>< when u get married,u're actually tying a knot wif tht special someone tht u love n u're to make a commitment to him/her.dont walk out of the door juz like tht when u get bored of ur marriage cause u're the one who said 'Yes' to every responsibilities in marriage.n yes,i agree tht sex's vital to every marriage to keep the excitement on..but i believe there's something else that's more than just sex in every relationship.since nowadays people dont have sex every single day.they get tired too..think of it,after a long day at work.u got home n u juz want a nice bath,a nice dinner with ur family n just a nice chit-chat wif ur wife.u dont go asking 'i wana have sex now!'..thts crazy! oh well,i'm actually trying hard to accompany my aunt..she have every rights to be happy.though she might cry over the stupidity of my uncle sometimes but i noe tht she's moved on wif her life.she's probably one of the bravest person i've ever knew=)
ok,gotta pen-off now.ciao~

signing out,

Sunday, November 25, 2007

tagged =.=

oh great..thx2 sabahan lou po,i now hv d reason 2 get out of my laziness n blog=.=

hr it goes,
Q1:What were u doing 10yrs ago?
HMM..lets c..10yrs ago..17-10=7..i was in standard1..acting all silly n mummy's girl..cried for d first few days of sch >< *shit..cant blive im act telling tis*

Q2:What were u doing 1 yr ago?
exactly tis time around..i was sitting 4 spm

Q3:What are the 5 snacks u enjoy?
Cadbury Bytes,Rocky,Chipster,Kit Kat,Hello Panda

Q4:What are the 5 songs u know the lyrics to?
wohoo..thts alot..infact,i hv all of Westlife's lyrics in mind=p anyhow,fav 5 wud be
1)Because of U-Kelly Clarkson
2)I Lay My Love On U-Westlife
3)I'm Ur Angel-Celine Dion+R.Kelly
4)She Will B loved-Maroon 5
5)The Reason-Hoobastank

Q5:5 things u would do if u're a millionaire?
1)shop till i drop!
2)buy an airplane
3)travel around d globe
4)donate sum of them of coz=)
5)plastic surgery(mayb) xD

Q6:5 bad habits?
4)not being determined enough

Q7:5 things u like to do?
1)go to the beach
5)punching Bee

Q8:5 favourite toys?
err..i dun exactly play wif toys..infact i dun hv any fav hv 2 pass=D

Q9:5 things u would never wear?
1)skinny pants
2)over shorttened skirts
3)clothes wif leopard print on *yucks*
4)oversized attire
5)T-shirt printed wif 'im stil a virgin!'

Q10:5 things you hate to do?
1)get all wet during tht "time" of d month
2)public speaking
3)quarrel wif sum1 i care bout
4)being forced to do sumthing i hate
5)running late 2 appointments

5 people i tag are: done!
1)Lien Yiny
3)Sharon Leong
4)The Devil Phooi Fun
5)Han Ning

p/s:wow..i never knew so much bout myself..not until ive been tagged! funny's tht? xD

Shirley's out

Monday, November 19, 2007

nth much..

10 of us went all d way 2 KLCC in our very unusual attire on d last day of sch..formal wear=)anyhow,'Swan Lake' was okay..mayb i was too tired.but i did enjoyed=)


im so gona read it!!! xD

Thursday, November 15, 2007

meteor rain tis nov17??

According to predictions, the famous Leonid meteor shower will peak this weekend.

The best viewing is predicted to be during the wee hours before dawn on Sunday, when you might see as many as 10 to 15 meteors per hour. But meteor showers are notorious for defying predictions, so don’t discount Saturday and Monday mornings. And don’t be too surprised if the Leonids surpass or fall shy of the predictions.

Even though the first quarter moon will light the evening sky, moonlight shouldn’t bother this year’s Leonid meteor display. As a general rule, the fast-flying Leonid meteors don’t pick up steam until after midnight, and by then the moon will have set. Frequently, the greatest numbers of meteors in any annual shower rain down shortly before dawn.

The Leonid meteors are named for the constellation Leo the Lion. If you trace the paths of these meteors backward, they appear to radiate from Leo. But you don’t have to know Leo to enjoy the Leonids. It’s like in a baseball game when fly balls go every which way through the air, but all come from the vicinity of home plate.

In the case of the Leonids, these meteors streak outward to all parts of the sky from Leo the Lion’s golden mane. And remember, after midnight, you’ll see more.

So, that’s this weekend – the Leonid meteor shower.

im not sure if i can act believe in this..but hey,its no big deal if i stay up tht nite n check on it=)

signing out,
fingers crossed

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


finally..of 9yrs in blue uniform..i am tired of everythin..n i am thankful for i was given d chance to let go of everything i once hold on's rather sad..i wont deny it..think bout it,9yrs of memories..9yrs of agony..9yrs of watching over ppl's mistakes n to point them out..n 9yrs of service to sch..9yrs of hardwork..i cant carry on anymore..

my deepest apology to all of my colleagues..especially CK..i noe u might not be too happy bout tis decision of mine..but i am sorry..i noe i shud've stayed n give u a hand..dont worry,i'll always be thr 4 u whenever u need me..i am sincere..anything,juz call on me..i wil try my best 2 sort it out even if i'm all out of right 2 comment on anything regarding prefectorial board.but hey,i'm stil ur ex-colleague=)

for Lex(i noe u wudnt want me to write ur name hr),keep holding on.i noe u're as fed up as i am but i noe deeply tht u're not as demotivated as i am..the whole job might suck big time but take it as a whole new experience.after all,i;ve had enuff of it.2yrs of holding d post is enuff 4 me already.i juz want to be a normal n happy pre-U student.hope u'll understand,im sure u will=)best of luck n rmb,im stil ur listener n im willing 2 hear all of ur craps..AND,i will crap wif u=D

as for the form4s,i'm sure gona miss u guys..all of u hv ur own abilities n qualities..figure it out n u all will shine=)gambateh neh^^

for the 1st time in my life,i feel gay=D real gay!!xD i am able to breathe again n this is the kind of life tht i want to spend for my last year of secondary sch^^

signing out happily,
shirley ur ordinary fren

Saturday, November 10, 2007


1st of apology 2 my daily blog viewers..i've been lazy lately..out of d blogging mood..><
but hey im bac=) holiday's juz around the corner..yeahoo^^ n oh no TT..yeahoo coz i get 2 laze around in bed..thrs no need 2 wake up 6ish n then stay in sch for the next 7+hrs..zzzzz..but's not all bout having fun n honeymoon-ing for lower sixers...TT..i hv no other excuse,i HV TO STUDY!!! like wat pn wong said,revise tv..soon thr'll be no movie in cinema..worst of all,no dating=( nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..i cant do tht..NO!
tiny called juz now..complaining how bored she is.s.oh well,her major STPM's on 19nov..9days 2 was laughing at her..HAHAHA..but then i start 2 think bout myself..i might be x100000000 crazier than she is..cmon,tiny aka d one wif d brain's act complaining 2 me how hard she's studying n how she felt like dying then??? wah...i seriously dunno how i wud survive 4 the next 10months til my major test comes in 2008 =.= hmm..we talked bout local uni..frankly speaking,i hv no idea y r most of d msian youth striving tht hard juz 2 get into our local uni..i mean helo,our stil n ever standing UM's out of d 200 ranking around d world class lar..compared 2 any uni oversea,they cud win us doubt..n it was then tht i got myself thinking wth im still stuck in form6 when i cud've went off 2 any colleges n study abroad..the thing's believe it or not,i dun hv tht much of M.O.N.E.Y..i hv a bro in college now n a sis in sec sch...if i were 2 go coll now,i'm being selfish d 2nd child,i dun deserve all of my parent's income=) think of d bright side,i stil hv time 2 think of my future study since im in form6 now..n i am learning sumthing new every single day.although i failed most of my subs in tis term exam,but i noe..i didnt put in my best effort..thrs stil chances..i've learnt my lesson comes 1st..i will work d hell out of me..i promise! coming exam i will not fail any sub anymore!!! =D aza aza fighting~(i miss Full Hse) xD

oh ya,Stardust rockss!! totally! its funny..out of my expectation..=) 30days of sucks..out of my expectation too..TT shud've listened 2 tsing yie..shud've juz bought d pirated dvd n watch it at home..atleast i cud stop d dvd anytime i want to coz d movie's juz not tht nice at all..*sob
i wana watch Balls of Fury,Lions for Lambs,Shoot em up(TY's recommendation),Enchanted,Golden Compass,AVP2,National Treasure,Beowulf,Hitman!!
so many movies yet so little time..><

til then,
shirley wana watch movies!!

b4 i wana blog bout HMC prom tht was held on 2nd of nov..
oh well,it was my 1st ever prom..i was excited really..n so,me+xin+yy got our 1st ever makeover..we got our hair n make up done by 'semi professional' =D rm35 for my hair n rm50 by Shiseido make up artist..aihz..half broke TT
but i muz say tht it worked on me la..i look 'diff' as in pretty la.LOL *perasan*
but again,d prom's not tht fun..not really my kind of prom..mayb i expected sth more..thr were per4mances by students n lecturers..DJ Prem from Fly Fm was d host of d event! woohoo..tell me bout it,he rox! =D anyways,i hv 2 rate it 6 on d scale of 10
hr's sum pics:


TADA~~ d 'diff' me =p

stucked in traffic,camwhoring in yy's car

wif xin on d stairs


im like d other sis of snow white =.=