Saturday, July 25, 2009


so last thursday,me n my frens decided to go for an outing after class
since our class finished earlier than expected.LOL
we were so bored of staying in the hostel already
tht we seriously needa go out.
so we took the local bus to Batu Pahat town
it's about an hour journey by bus
coz it has to stop in between bus stands.


me eating again..seriously i think i'm getting fatter

us again..took this out of boredom

one of our housemates-Yvonne's bday

btw.good news: my housemate will be having her car starting from next week ahead!
means we dont have to queue up and wait for the bus 2 get back 2 our hostel
thr was once where me n 2 of my housemates hv 2 walk all the way from campus back to our hostel.u noe wat,it was 3.5km away! it was after our tennis session.
as u see,it was supposed 2 end at 7pm but the teacher finished class at 6.30pm
we were so happy coz we actually hv to rush home to go 0n9
we had to go on9 for our morale class only for that nite
coz our lecturer were away on that day
n he told us 2 go on9 n read on the lecture notes that he posted
n we were to leave our comment based on the notes given.
so when we were walking happily to the bus stand,
we so devastated coz it was then that we found out that the next bus is 7.30pm!
omg..1 hour to go.
n the thing is we had 2 be back in hostel before 7pm
in order to go on9 seeing the wireless connection in our hostel is damn sucky
so without wasting much time,we decided to walk!
yes,it took us 45mins to reach our lovely hostel
imagine how exhuasted we were.TT

so since our saviour will be arriving soon
our problems will b solved eventually.=D
alrite,thts bout it.
will blog soon
btw,i'm currently hooked on the latest songs by Ashley Tisdale
"What If" and "It's alright,It's OK"
try it,really worth listening.
alrite,till then.ADIOS

Sunday, July 19, 2009

i miss my frens =(

its been almost 4 weeks now since i've been here.
i'm getting used to the life here.
every morning,i'll wake up at 6am. bath n take the bus to main campus
my class normally starts at 8 except for thurs which starts at 9
n most of the days wil have classes only till 1pm
and so after class,i'll take my lunch in kafeteria with my house mates
then we'll take the bus again back to our hostel
we stil have plenty of time
so normally we will rest,surf the net which is quite impossible in my hostel
the wireless connection is just too sucky!
i'm getting fed up with it..grrr
i normally take a short nap after that
wake up,bath,wash my clothes and go for dinner
and after dinner would be revision time
so thts basically my daily schedule.
so dun worry,i'm doing fine here.
i've learnt to be independent here.i'm doing everything on my own
everyday i face the problem of where to get my meals and the stupid wireless connection.

the course i'm taking is not bad actually
but i reli hate accounting.
which is why i dont have basics in tht subject coz i did not took accounts for SPM.
i dont get the whole debit kredit thingy!
the subjects i'm taking for this sem is
Principles of Management,Principles of Accounting,Technology Management,Mathematics for Management and Morale Studies.
of all the subjects,the only one i'm familiar is Math as it's all continuition of Form6 Math T
seriously,i had not even once come across anything to do with business.TT
which is why i'm kinda struggling now
i am doing extra revision everyday coz i reli wana get above 3.7 for my CPA!

anyways,i'll update more k
take care peeps

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm still standing =)

hey folks,

i'm back from KL.

well,i decided to take a short trip to go back home last thursday

1stly my roomies are all gona be away this weekend and 2ndly,my laptop has arrived

n i needa go back 2 take my lappie.LOL

luckily a senior of mine is going back 2 KL i decided to tag along =)

reached home around 7pm. ahhh~ nothing feels like home than being at home

i miss home so much =(

took dinner and started playing with my lappie.

i went to bed early coz i wasnt feeling well tht time

i was halfway sleeping when my phone started ringing at 2 in the morning

guess wat,it was Bee calling me

he kept asking me to call his house coz he cant seem 2 reach his family

i was reli blur tht i called without thinking anything

APPARENTLY,he's at home! in KL! was all a surprise. he came home without telling me!

i was reli happy of course.hehe

so the next day,we hung out.

he went for his haircut,i helped him to pack some of his stuff,i went to buy somethings,

and we went for ICE AGE 3 at nite=)

it was reli funny! worth watching ^^

here are some pictures:


with my roomie in lecture hall

oh well,im sory bout the untidiness of this post
but im reli tired now
i have class at 8 tmr.

to be continued=)

Monday, July 6, 2009

life in Johore

helo guys~
i'm currently on9ing frm my uni's library
apparently there are computers whr students can use for free
my laptop's not here with me yet
i will receive it by this sunday=)
and by tht time,my family will come all the way from KL to visit me!
well,my uni's not as bad as expected actually
orientation week was like hell
i had so many sleepless nights and uneven meals
it was terrible
but luckily i've made it thru
my 1st class started 2day
but too bad my lecturer did not even came 2 class
and my roomies are all good pals
i had so much fun and laughter with them already after knowing them for only 7 days!
imagine the days ahead.LOL i'm sure i'll get used to my uni life easier with them here =)
but of coz i wont 4get my lovely babes who r in KL n sabah
i miss u guys so much!
take good care of urselves ya
till then,will update more when i get my laptop