Wednesday, May 11, 2011

am i not good enough?

how many times will it take for me to get it right?

last sem's result proved me wrong.
i thought i could easily excel my studies.
i did my assignments and handed in on time, revised the subjects before every tests and exams.
but all of that doesnt seem cgpa dropped like hell.
and with two of the subjects' results out now,i have a feeling my result won't be as good as expected.
why is this happening? am i not good enough?
its like no matter how hard i try my grades just keep dropping and it disappointed me each n every time i check on my result.
i used to be anticipating for my result to be released.but not anymore, i am reluctant to know how i did for almost every subject



Lady Krystal said...

Don't be discouraged. College is difficult. I experienced something similar last semester. I completed each of my assignments on time, I did extra credit work, and I aced each of my exams. When I finally received my smester grade, I got a B. I was livid. I felt cheated. Getting that B just made me more determined to do better next time. You are good enough. You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

jemhor said...

Uni life is like that. Don't worry you'll adapt to it. Enjoy life while studying. Don't stress yourself too much. You'll be better in time. Take care. Cheers.. ^^v

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Roop Nath said...

lol collage is fun..once you are out u loose everything enjoy every bit of it cheers roop :)

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One Woman's Thoughts said...

Be persistant. It will come. Sometimes in life we learn the most when we struggle.

Don't stress. One day at a time.

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Emily Jay said...

The picture on your blog should be enough inspiration for you. You can always improve everything, even when you think it's too late. In chem, I got an A on my first mid-term test. Then a C. Then, 2 weeks before the exam, an E. Then I got full marks on an exam. How? I worked for it, and it shows, if you work fo it, then pretty much anything's possible. And you can do it.

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yinka howells said...

Such is life, uni a life. Xperenx to can't shy from....

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cân điện tử said...

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Anonymous said...


Tracey C. said...

Aww, don't be discouraged, at least, not for long! Sometimes you have to go to the professor and ask, what can I do to do better? If you are studying alone, get a group going! Often studying with others helps you find new ways to learn/study and also sometimes others have notes you don't, or think to study material or things you would not think to study. Check your sleep, your diet and your tests! If the low grades are on things like papers (not obvious answers like multiple choice tests), this is when to see what the teacher thinks you could have done better. Hang in there, things can always improve and get better, especially if you desire them to! Best wishes!