Tuesday, March 8, 2011

do you see what i see

life's been so hectic for me lately
just finished off with two tests and another coming up tomorrow.
not to mention,3 more assignments due before finals.
oh and Bruno Mars is coming to Malaysiaaaaa!
i really wish to go.hopefully i can get free tickets.lol

notice how i'm posting up these pics?
cuz i was having a good hair day.
was out for a tea break with mumsy n sissy.
nothing much to update on lately.
life's been pretty much the same routine everyday





Jason Lee said...

cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee shirley cute...
HAHA! btw, your pics are big mehhh? normal2 only niaaa...

Hidayah said...

blogwalking here... :)

RoTo said...

hey hny! i like ur blog cute babe! n i like bruno mars n good 4 u to take the chance to go to his concert...enjoy it

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