Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2011


in fact i was there twice.
went there on Saturday evening but the weather was being a bitch
it rained earlier and so when we reached there,
the place was all covered in mud and it was pretty hard to walk around
there weren't really many hot air balloons there.less than expected actually
especially Darth Vader and Doraemon!
i cant believe i missed both of these hot air balloons
which are said to be the most highlighted ones

didn't really get nice shots of the balloons on the 1st day
cuz of the sucky weather
managed to take these few shots though

this seem like a cat to me :)

a clownish balloon and the other one was from French
but the design was juz so-so

people mountain people sea

nevertheless,i got this Spongebob balloon!
it's for my sis actually. :P

went there the next morning
as u can see,the shine was shining brightly!
i love the makes the whole mood brightened up :))

one of my fav shots :)

Colourful balloons are the love <3

looking forward for the next Hot Air Ballon Fiesta


Jun C. said...

very nice pictures gal!
may i know what camera are u using?

btw, where is the hot air balloon fiesta?

shirley T said...

thanks girl :))
erm i used Canon 550D for all the pics.the fiesta was held at Putrajaya last weekend.hehe

Jun C. said...

awww. so nice.. <3

jemhor said...

Tak ajak also...I tot you were in johor ge...

shirley T said...

hehehhee last min plan to go ma.=)
nvmla,wait for next year ^^

Highant said...

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Julieta said...


Fathya Zana said...

nice shots!