Saturday, April 2, 2011


i love bubble milk tea!

more like weekends.
it's when i get to chill at home with my family :)
made these on Friday.

gave 'em to HX babe and B:)

it turned out not as tasty as expected. still,it looks good!

so i had this infection on my eye last tuesday.
it was of my eyes is so small and i looked like i got punched by someone.
so i decided to make a trip back home and went for the doctor.
luckily it's getting better now. :)

went down town to celebrate one of my coursemate's bday.


Cathryn :)

the roomates :)

my darling Bernice!


till then,



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NADEEM RAO said...

xBeasel said...

You all look so happy and adorable.

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